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    Newcomer saying hi

    Hi and welcome to TSG(tech support guy):)
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    Long Loading Times and Bad FPS on BF2

    you can maybe lower your optimal settings because if you want good grpahics while playing games you going to ahve to put up with bad loading times and fps rate is bad. Im not damiliar with battlefield2 even know i have the game but you can check your fps during the game while in play by pressing...
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    Ping Spikes

    Does it jump to 300 on the same server or do you go out of one server where you had 40 ping then into a server with 300 ping. Also it can be the server or it can be your internet connection.
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    runescape.Not exactly the best online game. Also there can eb some bugs on the runscape website i would just keep an eye out
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    computer freezes

    probably because you need more RAM 256mb is a very small amount of RAM. Maybe you should think about getting more RAM, say 1gb should do the trick
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    WC3 Hosting Games problem

    well normally if you are hosting a game server and have a bad internet connection genrally the ping will be very high. I think that is the problem. Also it depends where you are in the world. like if you were hosting a game server from america and a person was trying to join from australia the...
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    did you register when you were installing the game because normally all battlefield's games ask you to "register now or register later". If you say register later it will give you the name "default player" when your playing SP(single player)
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    call of duty 2 PC, Punkbuster problem, set associations

    i know it comes with 1.3 lol. but proabbaly for you your Punkbuster is updating without you knowing. Mine how ever is that i have update the punkbuster about evry 2 months otherwise i can't play on punkbuster servers. I get kicked about after 1min after i join the server because i havnt updated...
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    What is the BEST PC game EVER????

    I find that battlefield 2 can't match up to the fun and enjoyment of CoD2(Call of Duty2). I'm better with a pistol in bf2 and all the other weapons lol. CS 1.6 with steam is also alot of fun. CoDUO (Call of Duty united offensive) and Call of duty 2 is alot of fun because its not just...
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    What is your preferred way to make a site? Even though this is not for buisness as such, it is still a very good proffesional looking website which might be useful to you.(fee website) is a free site where you can make your own website for free.Although it doesn't come close to...
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    Adobe CS2 Edited Pics Wont Upload on Internet.

    hey guys, my edited pictures on Adobe CS2 won't let me upload them to the internet I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on how to fix thsi problem. Thanks,
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    program not uninstalling

    You could just go to control panel and got to"Add/remove programs" wait for the list to be populated. Then just scroll down and find the program that you want to uninstall. But im just a begginer:) But im learning:)
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    Computer Slowing down

    yeh there is a bit too much loading at the start up on your comp. Your computer might have reset back to a slower speed by it's self but you check it and change it when you start up. i think you hit the F10 button where it tells you your system temprature. just my 2cents
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    Counter Strike Source disconnects

    what is the message that comes up when you get disconected? It may be the game's anti-cheat software which in counter-strike it's VAC. You might have to go to the VAC website and download the new patches manually to be able to play the game. Hope this might help you out:)
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    Best Computer Magazine

    PC User i find is a pretty good help in my opinion. I might try PC world though.