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    43” TV - recommend best clarity picture

    This isn’t computer-related - But I would appreciate some help. I need a new TV, only 43” will fit in my bedroom easily, and it would be almost next to the end of the bed. I’ve looked at several competitors, and most of the reviews have not been so great, but of course they all look good on...
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    I did NOT want to link Instagram account with phone number

    I have no problems with my Instagram account, and do not want to change the name or the password or anything else, but by mistake, there was an option to link it through my telephone number. I do NOT want this account linked with my telephone number, and that seems to have happened. What can...
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    Solved Recent Instagram comments are not shown

    My recent Instagram comments are not being shown anymore As of a few days ago, I knew I unfortunately pressed some button while I was looking at a picture of mine, at the "Following" and "you" page. Somehow that picture, as well as the number of how many "likes" there were, seem to have been...
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    Solved Recent Instagram comments are not shown

    Don't see my messages anymore in Instagram (as of a week ago) I know that I incorrectly pressed one of my pictures while I was looking at the list of "Following" and "You" page, and the picture to the right which was in red "delete" and was gone (didn't want to do this of course) I am still...
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    can'topen safari apple7 get instead baltimore ravens

    can't open safari apple7. is stuck at "Baltimore raven"
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    iphone 7 instagram picart unwanted followers

    I have an Instagram account, with hundreds of pictures and posts. No problems at all - but I downloaded picart to improve photos and use some filters. it loaded hundreds and hundreds of unknown and unwanted followers, but I do want to keep the ones that I do have and need. Picart did not allow...
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    can't access email

    using gmail, windows 10 or 11, internet explorer. myway is an email account that closed several months ago, but could still access mail. I did not get a message recently that it will be permanently closed, and I really need my mail. I believe it is still there. No problem until now. when I...
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    copy photos from samsung galaxy 5 onto computer

    My Samsung Galaxy 5 prime phone is full (8 gig), with many pictures. I bought a SD card, and there's lots of room for more pictures, but I now can't add additional pictures through the SD card anymore. The pictures are still available through Photos and Gallery, but I've been told that I could...
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    keeping IE as default browser, and open another browser

    A very simple question - but just to confirm this - I'm using Windows 10,, and Internet Explorer as primary default browser, do not wish to remove. Could I open up a different browser and email account besides IE or Chrome (ex: mozilla, opera, avant, or whatever) NOT using...
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    page size on screen doesn't match normal 8x11 page size

    My page layout was already set at 8 1/2 x 11 inches. So, still don't know what to do Thanks
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    page size on screen doesn't match normal 8x11 page size

    I have new Dell Windows 8.1, IE, and using older 2010 office (word). When I write or create something on Word, it doesn't match the actual 8 x 11" page, and I always have to guess and see if the size is right. When I print, the sizes are never the same. I need to compare both of them exactly...
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    facebook - how to NOT show to "friends" playing games

    How can I NOT show to my "friends" at facebook that I am playing games? I don't want others to know, but still would like to play them, just myself. I don't want to change any other apps Thanks
  13. B messages-can't respond or send messages

    PLEASE help me on this. This has been this way as long as I've had an MYWAY account. I open up any message, and I am not able to respond in any way - reply, forward, send. There MUST be some way to do this. I would really, really appreciate your response. There is no help through myway, at...
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    Can't reinstall HP OfficeJet 4500 G510N-Z onto new Dell Inspiron 5735

    what do I do to get rid of the so called installation that is in progress? thanks
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    Can't reinstall HP OfficeJet 4500 G510N-Z onto new Dell Inspiron 5735

    Thanks for your note. I haven't been able to download this, because I got this message: "another installation is in progress. You must continue that installation before continuing this one" I never knew that something was being installed - and shouldn't be - so I don't know what to do, in...