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    Vista Sound Problems

    I don't think that it's a program and the only reason that I say that is because I re-installed Vista and SP1 and got the same problem. I have another drive that has XP on it and it works just fine. I'm starting to believe that it has something to do with SP1.
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    Solved: tha case of the dissappearing desktop icons

    I agree with rka01, but if you don't want run a system restore I would try something a little different. The first thing I would do is logon to another account on the computer to see if this is a problem with your user profile or if it is a problem with the OS as a whole. The other thing I...
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    Error while updating

    I think the easiest way to resolve your problem would be to download the updates directly from the Microsoft website. Here are the links to the two updates that you need.
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    Easy way to copy user settings to a new user profile?

    I'm not a Vista guru but in XP if you copy over the NTUSER.DAT file from one user profile to the other, most of your personal settings will be restored. In order to do this you would need to do the following: From explorer -> tools -> folder options -> view tab -> show hidden files and...
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    Help Me Increase My Vista Experience Rating

    The highest rating that you can achieve in the Vista Experience Rating is currently 5.9. When Microsoft developed the rating system they had to create a baseline number for the hardware that was currently out there, as well as leave room for new hardware that will come in the future. If...
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    Windows 7 No Audio Output Device is Installed

    Try installing the driver in safe mode. You will probably not be able to run an exe from safe mode, so you will need to point the system to the inf file location.
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    Windows 7 No Audio Output Device is Installed

    Did you download the latest Vista drivers from Creative labs? There is a huge difference in the way that XP and Vista handle sound controllers.
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    blank white page

    What kind of blank page? Are we talking about an internet explorer page? I'm not really sure but it sounds to me like a virus or malware. Let me know and I'll try to help you out.
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    Vista Sound Problems

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum but I've been in the IT field for about 10 years. I am having problems with sound in Vista and I feel like I have tried everything to solve this problem with no luck. Here's the problem: Sound skips about every minute. This happens no matter what I'm...