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    Windows 7 - Relating Installer/Uninstaller

    I basically really messed it up while trying to fix it to remove Skype. There was a common problem with Windows 7 users with Skype and how it couldn't be simply removed by going to control panel *(it wasn't there)* instead it suggested we removed all related skye files.... in that process of all...
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    Service Pack 2

    • 233 megahertz (MHz) processor • 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM • 1.8 GB of available hard disk space during installation how do you find out if you have 1.8 gb of hard disk space?? :( (requirements things to have download sp2)
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    Service Pack 2

    My computer will not let me download it, can this be related to the problem why java stuff won't work on my computer? everything loads properly it's just when i click on javascriptted urls for popping up it doesn't let me.. on the internet explorer and i need it, cant use another firefox/etc...
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    javascript related link windows

    if i click on the link on the status bar it would say javascript: pop(345) or something like that and all those kind of links they never WORK. those popping up things. WHAT HAPPENED. anyone know what to do or help me ? ?? i have mozilla/firefox and all but specifically need internet explorer...
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    javascript pop up windows

    when i click on a link/url that is javascript thingie. like at the bottem it says javascript: pop943 or etc. IT WON'T WORK ! i click it but on every site it just never works. i need someone to help me find a solution to this :( i have mozilla/firefox and all but i ahve to specifically use...
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    javascript not working

    everything is fine but clicking links that you need javascript for, it used to be fine but now i just don;t know what happened when i click links, the javascripted links wont work ! can someone help me please?
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    javascript not working?

    some links that on the status bar hovering it says javascript; (and what ever info here) like those links won't work. i would window update. this disables me to do many things ;-; can anyone relate and help me solve this problem? so basically my javascript doesnt work????? like it's only...
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    javasript error?

    i can't click on links its disabled i would do windows update, or windows check up and getting dled but it's still not functioning well *angry, stressed, confused face* anyone relate and help me out here please? :)
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    I Forgot The Computer Administrator Password!!

    the title pretty much explains it, the only 2 capable of using is the limited. i heard there was a file that automatically removes the password?? how do you get it??
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    i dunno my dads been complaining that his comp keeps getting pop ups but really when im on theres barely ? so im confused can someone check mine and pleassssssse get rid of it? but there is always this winfixer.. or something kind of ad.. it gets annoying
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    Starting a New site..I need help

    eh.. is where i created my domain site but I cant find a good site for webhosting and all i need is 50mb but they give me offers that I can't understand. How do i get started putting HTML and stuff in to the site? ( ***uhh.. well wats economy hosting or...
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    How do you get rid of Messenger Service?

    My PC crashed I think showing "information:out of scan range 35.5Hz/86Hz" while I was trying to do the edwid.. orw/e and someone said to change to safe mod... other than that.That is over with but, How do you get rid of Messenger Service? I used to have this problem like.. a few years ago but it...
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    my comp got a virus and stuff? i gota logfile

    can you check it please? :( :mad: :( :mad: :( :confused: