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    Babelfish toolbar- it won't go away

    Thanks Phantom. Computer specs in my HJT log below. I had done a few Hijack This routine after each basic uninstall efforts of the babelfish toolbar. It wasn't even showing up on Hijack This on each scan. And I did follow a very detailed online recommended manual registry run-through method of...
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    Babelfish toolbar- it won't go away

    Been a couple of years since I was in this forum -one of my past favourite haunts -helping others on occasion, but receiving tons of help from the great folks here. Recently I rattled of a fiery complaint to babelfish regarding their Babelfish toolbar I installed as a tryout initially. After...
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    hello, Member for many years. Hardly here though in the last few, but was an addict to the site when I owned Windows Millenium years ago. I learned so much here due to the grief Millenium gave me at the time. As time went by I went from comp-clueless to knowing a thing or two; Anyway I always...
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    windows blue screen and restart after light blue "welcome" screen

    See if these links help.
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    Account lockout problem

    might be a good idea to give more details ; ie , what are the things you suspect more specifically and... using xp 2000 ? etc.,
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    Youtube video problem

    go back to older version of adobe then re install newer version may help.
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    mind numbing- windows live default email link blitzed

    Hi xp sp2 user here. Since installing IE7 yesterday I can no longer use email reply function/links of websites using either firefox or IE7. Here is the error message I get after correctly typing password for my various hotmail accounts/outlook express.... Fatal Login Error. hr = 80041500, f...
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    Control Panel has vanished from Start Menu and system access restricted

    Start by posting a hijack this log perhaps; Get it either here; or at my link below. Read instructions on how to post it.
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    Registry component missing

    re: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\ you mean its not there for XP? or is it on xp pro only?
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    Slow Computer, hijackthis log

    a bump for you-this may be better to have been posted in the security forum perhaps. Do you have alot of programs running in the background?
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    repair re-install

    this one's an illustrated guide;
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    Registry component missing

    superb- I'll get on that later and report back... thanks devil.
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    Registry component missing

    Hello -xp here. In my trying various solutions to fixing my windows updates installing problems I've found out that I'm missing this very important registry; HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\ I can get to this far in that registry path -...
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    4 min. boot time in XP home

    Back-up those important files to a disk is my first and utterly important advice. That should be done regularly. How slow is start-up now?
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    Computer not shutting down

    Sometimes it takes a while to shutdown if something like a windows update is installing. What's the longest you've waited for it to shutdown? You may be asked to post a hijack this log here later as a preliminary step to see if something can be spotted as a culprit maybe. If anything, there are...