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  • Hi, Bob
    I'm doing alright ... have some current health issues that are cramping my fun time, but hopefully will get past it soon-ish.;)

    The boyz are fine, and thanks for asking. :)

    The eldest, Matt (da Prince) is my star right now. He's proven himself to be a fantastic artist (will upload his 1st art show pieces to webshots when I get some time .... maybe next weekend).
    He graduated high school with honours last June, but has returned for an additional semester to attend a focus in Arts program at the same high school. He's been accepted at Dawson College
    in Quebec, but is still undecided as to whether he wants to work for a year and then go or go in January ... or go in another direction altogether.
    I think he's turning out to be a fine human being and have no doubt that whatever he chooses to do, he'll do it very well and be a success. He wants to move to Montreal in any case, so we'll see what happens.

    My youngest, Dylan 15, is playing football and rugby again this year (grade 10, now ... no injuries, so far) and is still an underachiever accademically (like I was), but he's starting to take school a bit more seriously, having witnessed his brothers' school experiences (opposite ends of the spectrum). His "dream" after graduation is to go to 1. Wrestling school or 2. Comedy school (yes, they both exist lol) but it's too early to tell what he'll do, really.

    Zack, the 17 yr old know-it-all is home with me as of last weekend.
    I think we've/I've talked about him before in Fish's thread ... I kicked him out a couple of years ago for bad behaviour and illegal activity, that could have gotten us all evicted from this dump of a place.
    (PS The un-handimen built a "privacy" fence surrounding the property a year ago last summer and it's already falling sown during windy days LOL and it's only "private" if one stands right in fron of the fence posts, otherwise it's a free-show-for-all)
    Off and on Zack spent time with his friends' families, beginning with some time with a cop friend of mine and his wife and then ended up with his Daddio, but was still out of control and roaming the streets and ditching school. He spent some time who-knows-where living on the streets in another town this summer and neither Daddio nor I, nor the cops could find him.
    I don't think he liked it much, so he returned to his Daddio, but then they had a huge blow up last Friday and he seriously assaulted his Daddio and damaged their apartment.
    Daddio, fed up (and I believe afraid he may lose his cool and return the punches) left him there to call the cops and have him charged.
    The cops brought him to me and shamed me into taking him back.
    I agreed but only if he could follow some pretty strict rules.
    He's in grade 12 but will certainly have to take another year of high school to get all the credits he's missed in order to graduate.
    It's up to him, now.

    The last paragraph above reads like some white trailor trash Mum's family. :rolleyes:

    I read the above and my mind goes to ...
    I grew up nearing upper middle class, strict parents with frugal spending habits (an Engerlander and a Scot).
    Since then I've been dead poor (on assistance and sacrificing meals for myself to the lads) and have raised my self UP to being a single Mum, making barely over minimum wage, working 2 ****ty jobs and with a so-so healthy lifestyle and a kid in trouble. :o

    LOL Are you sorry you asked?:D

    So ... how are you, the girls and lovely wife doing?
    I don't come by TSG very often, but check in from time to time to see what's up and to see if any of the "old players" from the "fun times at TSG" are still about or have returned.
    Thanks for stopping by, Bob.
    Sending my best wishes to you and yours. :)
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