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    Virtual extended monitor?

    I am dreaming of a virtual second monitor i can travel with that i can display on the hotel wall and use just like a real monitor with extended or cloned display. Mini projector might be the answer but i don't know anything about them to choose. Any suggestions? Size is an issue as i have...
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    Boost signal suggestion?

    I have a camper I stay in behind my dad's house when I visit. Not a big distance but not quite line of site to the router. Suggestion for a signal booster I can try? Thx Carla
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    Getting a number string with commas - Excel 2013

    I am trying to get a list of numbers that export from my program as one on each line into a text string with commas to paste into my online screen and get check images. so... 12345 64789 32579 12590 becomes 12345,64789,32579,12590 Anyone know of an easy way to do that? I tried saving as csv...
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    Current 8 inch tablet OS Versions?

    Am I the only one under impressed by what's out there? I guess maybe they are all focusing on phone tablets and not really developing stand alone wifi tablets any more. :( The major companies like Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo all seem to have totally stagnated in the 8 inch tablet market. Or am...
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    Current 8 inch tablet OS Versions?

    Thanks. Don't want to spend for old tech so I came here. I know it doesn't last forever (tho it should!) It gets really confusing trying to figure out what's old and what's more current.
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    Is my Samsung a door stop now?

    Yes. That was my first hope. I just got home; I'll try again before I shell out money. Not holding out much hope tho.
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    Current 8 inch tablet OS Versions?

    I see, now that I'm forced to look for a new tablet, that the newest version of android is 8 going on 9? But when I look at most mainstream tablets like Samsung I'm seeing them with Marshmallow and Android 7. I have an old 10 inch samsung tablet that I LOVED but they stopped supporting with...
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    Is my Samsung a door stop now?

    I have a travel trailer that I plugged into my dad's house with one of those outdoor power cords. I have not had trouble plugging things in inside before. I'm not running a LOT of things. However, last night I left my tablet plugged in and playing something when I went to sleep. This morning...
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    Supremo Remote Desktop Software? Anyone Use?

    I've been using Gotomypc and Logmein and once in awhile Teamviewer over the years. Gotmypc just doubled their annual price - ack! :( They did offer me a discount bringing it back down to $20 a month but still.... It's causing me to look at my alternatives. I've read about Supremo but when I...
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    Outlook 2013 & Categories with IMAP

    Good morning! Our school uses Outlook 2013 in a network environment. When we upgraded our mail server, we switched to IMAP. I used to use Categories and loved them. Now I can't find them. A websearch indicated that IMAP does not support Categories. :( The solution I read was to switch to...
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    Excel - Combining Date and Non-Date Columns

    I have a spreadsheet of all my vouchers for the year. I want to sort by date, then voucher and subtotal at each change in voucher number. I want to be able to roll that up so that both the date and the voucher number show next to the subtotal so I have a summary sheet to refer to (it's a lot...
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    Excel 2010 Pivot Table Summary

    Good afternoon. I am hoping someone here can help! I have exported an employee deduction for health insurance showing the Employee name and the Sum of Match for the Employer portion. I created a column where I could put Y or N for eligibility for IHS. I now want to see if I can build an IF...
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    Home network question

    i'll have to look but it probably is that old. here is a map of the layout. (no judging! i am not an artist! lol) I would really like to also boost signal reception. It's like a little family compound.
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    Gotmypc alternatives - Splashtop?

    Gotomypc is getting really expensive. I see an ad for splashtop as an alternative but I've never heard of it. I'm leery of software I don't know because I don't want to put my work place at risk. I use for working from home. I'm familiar with team viewer but I've never tried to use it for...
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    Pivot Table and Dates (Excel 2013)

    Hi. I exported a list of invoices for the year. I was hoping to do a pivot so I could see how much I spend each month on a vendor - we get invoices every week. I created a column and copied the invoice date and formatted it MMM - it shows Mar, Apr, etc. I then did my pivot table and used...