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    Very tricky problem

    I bought a used Dell Latitude CPi laptop. (P2 366, 64MB, 6.0 GB, Win 98SE) last week. It has a unique problem. It has a tendency to spontaneously restart, It's a random event, sometimes occuring every few minutes, sometimes once a hour. I did some looking around in the HD and found 2...
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    Extremely weird printer problem

    I did that, still same problem. The printer spool manager says the printer is idle and the document is queued. All the printer self tests work, but it won't print anything else. What else can I try? Brian
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    Extremely weird printer problem

    I have an Epson Stylus Color 600 printer. Yesterday it stopped working, all it does now is place all documents in the queue but will not print anything out. I've hooked it up to another PC and it works fine. I have a feeling it's yet another Win98 issue but I have no idea what it could be...
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    error 998

    Thanks for the answers. I also found a wierd solution. There was a USB conflict, he bought a parallel port cable for his printer and it works fine. I would like to know the registry tweak to unload all dll's. Brian
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    error 998

    Hi, a friend at work says that whenever he tries to print a document, he gets error code 998 "Invalid access to memory location" What he's tried thus far: 1. Uninstalled and reinstalled the printer driver. 2. Cleared the printer queue. 3. Printing document directly to printer. Does...
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    Mystery 95 Window Password

    I'd suggest contacting the computer maker and ask them what to do.
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    No toolbar

    I am unable to make a new toolbar with Win98SE. The toolbar menu is available, but the options are grayed out. How can I fix it?
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    Frustrating problems!!!

    1. Every time I start Win98, a window "C:\program" opens. It's not in the start up menu or in autoexec.bat or config.sys. How can I eliminate that window? 2. I'm sharing my computer with my wife, so I set up a user profile for her. Unfortunately, she forgot her Windows logon password. How can I...