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    Network password

    I have a wireless network with a Win XP Home desktop PC, and a Win 98 SE notebook. It has been working fine... until now. My internet sharing is working fine, but when I try to open the file directory on the XP machine from the other machine, it asks for a password. I have never assigned...
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    Printer sharing problem

    I just set up a wireless network, connecting my XP (Home) desktop directly to a wireless router, and my Win 98SE notebook via wireless adapter. I finally got the PC's to "see" each other through the ZoneAlarm firewall, but the notebook still cannot see the printers that are connected to the...
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    Javascript commands

    I disabled Norton by right-clicking on the tray icon and then clicking on Disable. I am using IE 6.
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    Javascript commands

    Rollin Rog, I do not have a pop up blocker, and I tried disabling my firewall (Norton) but it did not help. Nothing happens when I click on any of the links that are supposed to look for a player. I have broadband, so ideally I should be able to use the highest speed link. Thanks
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    Javascript commands

    When I attempt to use features of certain sites (which I believe are Javascript commands, based on the text at bottom of browser), nothing happens. A good example is the site When I click on one of the links to see a film trailer, nothing happens. I have tried some...
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    flashing animation

    I am using IE 6. Sometimes animated ad banners (or other animation) causes my screen to "flash" whenever the objects in the animation move. This just started happening recently, though I've been using IE 6 for quite a while. When I tried to "remove" IE 6 and then use the repair option, it...
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    Lose my net connection

    No, because I was assuming it's a software problem... since as soon as I reboot everything is fine again. Is this not a good assumption? I called Comcast and they said I had to call Microsoft (what a surprise)...
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    Lose my net connection

    Periodically when surfing the web using my cable modem (Comcast), I lose my connection and need to re-boot. As soon as I reboot, everything is fine. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this occurring... it sometimes even happens in the middle of downloading a file... it will just hang...