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    Solved: Task Manager, 'System' Process uses 99% CPU !! :(

    Make sure you have all of the most recent windows updates, there was a patch out recently to fix some problems with svchost, don't know if it covers this problem though
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    Windows continues to amaze me

    Booted up my computer today and got a resolution of 320x240! I did not know that was possible! A reboot fixed it but still amazing...
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    Windows XP and Norton Anti-Virus

    Norton is not very good in my opinion. You can always use something like AVG or Avast which both have free versions
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    System.DRV error

    Type "cmd" into the run box to open a command prompt Then at the command prompt type "sfc" to start
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    Please Help Windows XP Install Black Screen

    Try taking the cd out when it does the first restart
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    sata/pata slowdown in xp

    Is the PATA drive on the same cable as your cd drive? If so try setting the hard drive as primary and the cd drive as secondary.
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    Is preODM necessary to run at bootup?

    Try disabling it and see what happens! Most of the stuff you find in the startup tab of msconfig is not critical. Make sure you scan your computer with more than one antispyware program, try spybot as well as adaware. One catches what the other misses.
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    Boot Sector Virus?!

    If N does not fix the problem, then press Y.
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    Windows Firewall Exception Problems

    Does it work with the firewall off?
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    Gibberish charactors have taken over laptop

    Well, if you can manage to go into your desktop properties and click the appearance tab, try changing the fonts to see if that helps
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    Very slow pc problem

    Scan your computer for viruses and it in safemode if possible
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    Block Windows XP Service Pack 2

    haha system idle process is not anything, it just shows how much is not used, which means nothing is using it, shows how much your computer is idle
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    firewall blocking tons of incoming

    I am on a university LAN network for internet, using zone alarm 5 I have it on high security and it is blocking literally 5 things per second Most of it is on ports 67, 137 and 138 which are dhcp and netbios, from different IP addresses every time, all along the UDP protocol This isnt...
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    Limit bandwidth for specific application

    lmfao that has got to be the worst reply I have ever seen in my life
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    Enlisting your help to solve the big Counter-Strike Error

    get 1.6 you lazy bums