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    System reboots when installing nVidia driver in Windows XPO Pro

    Upgraded system to Conroe E6600 - Intel D975XBX MB - 2 GB OCZ Extreme > performance RAM, XFX GeForce 6800 PCIE Video adapter. Reinstalled XP Pro w > SP2. NO OVERCLOCKING - RAM at 667 MHz. New 600W PS which ran OK with new > Athlon64 CPU and system. > > When I attempt to install the...
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    Outlook XP (2002) Error

    Apparently my Outlook has become corrupted. If I attempt to send an e-Mail with Word (or RTF or plain text or HTML), I receive a pop-up which states - unable to locate this file. Unfortunately, it often appears behind something and you have to shut down Outlook from Control-Alt-Del to get past...
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    Mail Merge Word 2002 with Outlook

    It is really easy to do unless you are trying to send an attachment with it. The following steps described how: Opened a new word document On the tools menu select "Letters and Mailings" Select Mail Merge Wizard Select letters Click on NEXT - starting document Select the...
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    Outlook 2002 - Mail merge w attachments

    I can mail merge fine w Outlook 2002 SP2; however, if I attempt to merge an E-Mail which has an attachment, the merge strips off the attachment and sends the e-mail. How do you mail merge using Outlook and use an attachment?