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    reformating hardrive

    Do you still have the orignal disk that came with your laptop? If so use them it will wipe all of your data off so back it up first.
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    3 HardDisk in 1 CPU

    Yes if they are PATA then on the primary cable make one that your os is on the master and the second set as slave. On the secondary cable make it a slave and your cd rom your master.
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    New Computer Quandary - No access to bios set-up!

    3.1 Introduction The Desktop Boards D865PERC and D865PESO use an Intel/AMI BIOS that is stored in the Firmware Hub (FWH) and can be updated using a disk-based program. The FWH contains the BIOS Setup program, POST, the PCI auto-configuration utility, and Plug and Play support. The BIOS...
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    New Computer Quandary - No access to bios set-up!

    this might help These .PDF documents list BIOS settings for Intel® Desktop Boards. The BIOS Setup program can be used to view and change the BIOS settings for the computer and is accessed by pressing the <F2> key after the Power-On Self-Test (POST) memory test begins and before the...
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    New Computer Quandary - No access to bios set-up!

    Can you send me the link to where you bought this board I can not find it. I want to help but need more info or need to see this with my own eye's. So please send me the link so we can take a look at it.
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    New Computer Quandary - No access to bios set-up!

    What board are you using? you tried f2, delete ,f10 ?
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    Solved: need info. regarding bios

    Do you have only one chip(memory card)? If you have two then one could be bad. If you have one it is might be going bad.
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    USB disable to protect Data

    Shut it off in the bios and password protect your bios but do not lose the password.
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    Horrible printer problems

    Your parallel port might be disable in the bios. I would start there and make sure it is set up for what ever settings are right for that printer. You should be able to get that infor from the website for the printer or the help me file on the disk.
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    Computer won't boot up

    Might be bad ram or bad video card.
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    Computer freezing/ rebooting

    What Powersupply do you have and how many watts is it? Has your computer always restarted since it was built? Boot into the setup and watch the temp of your cpu and see if it climbs up as well as let us know what temp it is running.
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    Bad Mobo wont run windows?

    What error code are you getting? It could be hardware related or heat related.
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    Crashing Hard Drives

    You are saying they are crashing? Do you mean that they are failing and can not be formated and reloaded with windows?
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    USD Disk Format

    I think he wants to get his data off first Johnwill
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    PC died

    What cpu do you have and what kind of ram?