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  • I am fine. I just don't get around these parts that often anymore. I don't have as much internet time as I used to have.
    Hi, Erika ~ The holidays and our birthday will always have an empty place without her now. She's very often on my mind and I find myself still reaching for the phone to tell her something or to ask her something.
    She's always with me though... in my heart.
    Don't think I eve replied to you, but glad you like it. I have been having problems with a malware. It is called Win 32 Fraud Tool-O It can get so bad that you will not even be able to get on-line. Go to the Malware section at the top of the main page. You will find it. It tells you how I go rid of the malware.
    I have posted you a link to malewarebytes in Scotts threas
    A good free spyware remover program

    very easy to use and you dont have to pay
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