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    DVD drive won't read CD

    Unfortunately I tried a cleaner, I even took the drive out and air-canned it, but the problem persists. I tried rebooting in safe mode and it did then recognize the CD. When I rebooted back, it recognized it the first time, then consequently stopped again. I think it is a system problem, but...
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    DVD drive won't read CD

    I have a Dell 2350 with XP with a Benq DVD Lightscribe drive. I have been able to rip and burn DVD's with no problem and have for a year. Just recently it won't read a CD. When I put in a CD like Quicken 07 it won't open or I can't see it in My Computer. I bought and returned a new Mad Dog...
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    Solved: DVD drive won't read CD

    I have a BENQ DVD lightscibe drive which has worked fine for year. Recently it still will rip and burn and lightscribe, but it won't read a CD at all. I bought a new MadDog drive and install it and it did the same thing. I dont think it's a hardware problem. I've run Dell diagnostics and...
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    Solved: DVD drives not opening

    I don't exactly understand what you are saying. is there a site that explains that in more detail. It sounds like htere is a systemic problem with the whole process. Is there no way to backup data with a RW that works and allows you to eject the disc?
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    Solved: DVD drives not opening

    Solved - I installed XP Pro and it seems to work. Thank you all
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    Solved: DVD drives not opening

    Work with Nero 5.5 or higher. Used to install/control Nero driver nerocd2k.sys. Required if you use with Windows 2000/XP and logon without admin privileges Above is turned off. It's called Nero Filter Check. I don't think this is the reason the drives won't open. but it could be possible...
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    Solved: DVD drives not opening

    no win xp home! strange, no? maybe i should reinstall the os?
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    Solved: DVD drives not opening

    when i tried start, run, msconfig it gives me an error, cannot find msconfig what's up with that? also i meant to say, that if i put a cd-rw in the drive that already has data, it also won't open!
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    Solved: DVD drives not opening

    I was using roxio. i do tend to disable a lot of statrup programs thru my RegRun program. Could that be it? If so, how do I start it up again?
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    Solved: DVD drives not opening

    I have the following 2 drives: NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A BENQ DVD LS DW1655 Whenever I use a CD-RW disk, I format it first, then drag and drop folders and files to the CD, everything works fine, but my drives won't open. I have to manually open them with a paper clip. Any help would be...
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    Remove programs

    I use XP and when I open Add/Remove Programs from control panel, it doesn't show all my programs. It used to. What do I do?
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    Explorer not working

    I primarily use Mozilla, but sometimes have to use Explorer. I tried to access the web this morning thru Explorer and Avant and they wouldn't connect, but Firefox was fine. What could be the problem. I use Zone Alarm free and it's set to allow all 3.
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    Registry questions

    If I go into the registry and see under "Hexkey - Local Machine" - Software, some software which I no longer use or want, can I delete them and how do I do it? Is there a program for easy editing?
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    Problem with install routine

    I installed Word 2002 about 3 months ago on my Dell w/XP. Now when I double click certain icons like MS Antispyware or Quicken 2005 the install for Word starts. I can stop the routine by cancelling, but it's pretty annoying. Anyone have an answer?
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    Word install routine opens

    I installed Word help about a month ago and now when I click various desktop icons, the Word install routine opens. How do I fix this? Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1 Scan saved at 7:25:41 AM, on 9/30/2005 Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600) MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2...