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    Acer Aspire start up screen loop

    Are you sure you did a factory default RECOVERY that puts the computer back to factory it was brand new? Or, do you mean a SYSTEM RESTORE that puts the computer back a few days, weeks, etc, to work around some other problem? Did you create the Recovery DVD set for your...
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    The person was told by WildBlue, that they could NOT KEEP their email address... so of course, he or she will need to set up some sort of service, or use a hotspot / phone to get email. Or, go to a public connection or friend's location.... to see Gmail. Basic idea, they will need an ISP...
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    If Wildblue is your Internet Service Provider, you will not be getting email if you discontinue service. (Based on what you wrote> that WB told you about the email) Did you mean, you just wanted to not use their email? You will need some sort of Internet service.
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    "Stylish" add-on for Firefox installed but cannot use

    Hi, This is basic, but it catches me once in a while so > have you closed and reopened Firefox to start the new add-on? Most require you to close ALL Firefox tabs/windows and restart the program.
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    Choice possible for threads to display newest posts first or

    We did have a switch setting for when we open a thread to display oldest posts or newest at the top meaning what is seen first..... I am not seeing anything in Preferences about this?
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    laptop not working in normal mode. Only safe mode works

    isdfh23 Hi, were you able to get anything done with this computer? We are still here looking for a reply to your thread.... some help posted, have you tried what was supplied?
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    Anyone ever hear of the Rooney Fest?

    Hey nice to hear from you! Thanks for the Deposit, NY blessing too. That school bus usually had people and things up on top of may see it in some of the videos that were finally converted and uploaded There is a link to a Facebook page for Rooney Fest, that you can use to get...
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    Solved Lifetime support vs Warranty

    As you said... Support is just that- tech support, not warranty service. I would not expect that Lifetime Support would be the same as Lifetime Warranty or Lifetime Replacement. Most folks understand the word warranty and want to know just how much of a warranty comes with anything, since...
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    Solved Open source anti-virus software

    Presently I am using BitDefender Free Editon which has had the least of issues of any of the free antivirus programs available for me and many of the computers I have installed in on running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. For 8.1 and 10, the built-in Windows Defender from Microsoft does the job with...
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    Wierd start-up issue

    hi, Please we need to see the results from this system info tool: Download the file, save it someplace you can find it, double click to run and Copy and Paste the results here to your thread in a Reply
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    Replace windows 7 wuth Lubuntu

    So basically, if one boots a distro like LXLE Desktop off an USB drive to run it Live, nothing will install to change the bootmgr on any installed Windows version? other words, it is a way to test things without wiping anything out? I have a lot of older but usable XP era laptops and...
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    Solved please help, boss, startup repair loop

    Also, I forgot, that you will need a different used, or new, hard drive for your OLD computer that gave you the message about imminent failure...that message means what it is trying to tell you. The drive will fail, no way to know when, but usually it starts one day but not the next time. Once...
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    Solved please help, boss, startup repair loop

    It's not at all clear what you are trying to do. Have looked back through the thread, and I do NOT see where you say you upgraded your Asus with Windows 8 or 8.1.... did you? I believe that the pc came with 8.1 pre-installed. It it did, that is an OEM computer, and your copy of 8.1 is bound...
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    Solved webquote's come back we miss you

    Fixed now, Mike! Thanks. I just went back, clicked Edit, just looked and clicked Save Changes and it looks like it should.