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  • This may be a duplication... I've zipped Bob's stuff... What is your email address please?
    Thanks for the suggestion Cara, but in doing that I lose all the button css within the nav tag (xhtml strict renders the buttons just fine)
    The core problem is in the new site's css - the ul li tags are just not geared to hold position when the page is reduced!??
    I am actually trying to help Bob (57corvette) who is attempting to redesign his site and is using a template he got from the net, which is causing the problem... but, because of my limited css knowledge, I can't see the solution:eek:
    Howzit Cara!
    i wonder if, with your css knowledge and experience you can help me? I have pinched the navigation buttons from one of my sites and am trying to use them on another.
    However, I have a problem - when decreasing the page size on my browser (Chrome) to simulate a smaller screen, the original (HTML5) site makes the buttons smaller and renders them within the page, but the new site (XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN), makes the buttons smaller but renders them outside the page.
    My knowledge of css is shaky to say the least and I really would appreciate your insight!
    Many thanks in anticipation - Jim
    LOL - why not just have them keep a tube connected to inside the casket so they could drop lit cigarettes down to you?
    When a friend of mine died a few years ago, his sister and I took to taking him a small bottle of vodka and a few lit cigarettes now and then...can't say the vodka has done much for the grass over his grave, but he would have appreciated it. :)
    yeah? but what will you do if you are lying in your coffin and use up all the matches? a cell phone would be useful then - could call and request they dig you up and bring more..... ;)
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