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    Transfer OS

    The old hard drive needs to be operational to transfer the OS. If you can't boot the computer from the old hard drive, then you'll probably need to reinstall Windows on the new hard drive. Having the product key for the installed Windows OS is one key piece you'll need.
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    Memory management error 1A blue screen of death and cpu fan failure

    BSOD 1A errors can be caused by drivers. I'd make sure that you installed the drivers from the Dell website. On a side note, (and not be too critical) Craigslist comes with an implied caveat emptor and you probably should have walked away when he wanted to retrieve the hard drive. Just because...
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    Solved: 32 bit or 64 bit?

    You might want to try turning off those performance utilities you have running in the background. I'm not a big fan of keeping those running all the time (personal bias) and they are sometimes know to not work well with other software.
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    Need help port forwarding

    Yup. Forward the port on Nexxt router to the Linksys router IP and then forward the same port on the Linksys router to your computer IP.
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    question about moving a project three with links

    Yup, it's exactly an issue of relative vs absolute paths. Relative paths should work regards of where you move the project. Absolute paths lock the project down to its current location and it can't be relocated without changing all the path references. (This is of course why the use of...
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    Converting MBOX files to PDF or DOC?

    MBOX is the file that contains all the email messages for the client and it's already plane text (with attachments using MIME formatting), so you could open it in Word and save it as a DOC file, but I doubt that's your intended result. MBOX isn't a file with an individual email. It's the file...
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    Noise only when running games after replacing PSU and graphics card

    Wild *** Guess: RF leakage from the graphics card is inducing the noise somewhere in the audio system, possibly through the cables that connect the audio header to the front panel. When the graphics card isn't doing much, it's not generating a lot of RF leakage. But when rendering graphics for...
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    Caps Lock freezes keyboard

    My guess is that this is an OS issue where it's getting confused between the built-in keyboard and the wireless keyboard. This could be an issue with driver used for the wireless keyboard, but it's not a hardware issue.
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    Need help port forwarding

    The Nexxt Nebula 150 (P/N arno1154u2) router is the first NAT layer in your setup. It would need to port forward to your Linksys router, which would then need to port forward to your computer.
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    Bad sectors

    You can't fix bad sectors. These are sectors where the magnetic domains are damaged and can't reliably hold data anymore. All modern (since the late 1990's) have spare sectors set aside where it can automatically relocate data on bad sectors. This all happens under the hood (so to speak) and the...
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    Western Digital 2TB

    That depends. Since you said you're afraid of "plugging it in", I'll assume it's an external USB hard drive. Most USB drives are formatted as FAT32 or NTFS out of the box. Linux can mount either (though you may have to install the NTFS support packages). Then when you move to Windows 8, you can...
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    Looking to be 4G router with unlimited data plan

    You're going to have trouble finding an unlimited 4G data plan, since it's basically a cellular service and shares the infrastructure (along with the same bandwidth of the other users). You will also give up speed. Fios is a blazingly fast connection because it's fiber brought direct to the...
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    Adtran xrt ISDN modem

    This is an old product (going on 20 years) and Windows 7 isn't going to include specific support for the Adtran Express XRT modem. Adtran still has support documents for this modem on their website, but it's likely you'll need to find an older INF file for the modem to you can adapter to...
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    Solved: Accessing D-Link DIR-655 Network drive w/ Sharepoint

    You're exactly right. You need to map the drive (though it will appear under Network in Windows Explorer if you drill down to the router's network share). SharePoint can use a UNC ((\\ServerName\ShareName\FolderName) in place of a mapped network drive.
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    Solved: Creating a new Child Domain

    Yes, add the Global Catalog Server. There is a lot of information contained in the GC, especially cross-domain information. It is also the only place that Universal Groups are kept. There should be at least one GC in every domain.