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    How? Export Thunderbird Mail to Outlook

    -=bump=- Anyone have any other suggestions?
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    How? Export Thunderbird Mail to Outlook

    I too read that on their site and didn't have much luck. There's where I verifed that Thunderbird doesn't have a true "export" function. I'm hoping that once we get him upgraded to Outlook 2003 it will work out... but I'd still like to find a solution now, as who knows how long it will take...
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    How? Export Thunderbird Mail to Outlook

    I have a user who has been mandated to switch to our corporate Exchange server and Microsoft Oulook. I was able to convert the address book over with no problems, but I'm struggling with the mail. Is there a way to export messages from Thunderbird (1.0.5) to Outlook 2000? If not, we're going...
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    I too support FireFox. The only time I use MSIE now is for the select few pages (and very few at that) that I need access to which don't display correctly in FireFox. With the rapid growth in FireFox/Mozilla usage though, I suspect that won't be a problem much longer as, like MSIE & Netscape...
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    *.SBK file - Need a way to view...

    One of the administrators here where I work used a Sharp data assistant for a long time to store addresses, phone numbers, etc. Well, he broke the display somehow so he bought a new data assistant. The problem is, the Sharp makes a backup of the data as a *.SBK file. If this is transferred to...
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    Norton Wont finish scan Hackthis log included.

    I don't see anything in your log that stands out, but I'm not a pro with HijackThis logs yet. However, I did notice you haven't upgraded to Service Pack 2 yet. If you don't have a reason NOT to upgrade, I would suggest it. Other than that, what kind of spy/adware protection are you using? If...
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    Solved: win98SE dies

    While this isn't neccesarily a fix, per-se, it has worked almost 9 times out of 10 for me on basic Win98SE problems. Go here and download the unofficial Windows 98 service pack. This file includeds most of the critical updates, as well as some tweaks and fix for 98SE. As an added bonus it...
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    Solved: SPYBOT S&D HELP NEEDED>>>>

    Firefox stores all of your settings and favorites under a Profile folder. To remove the leftover "garbage", simply remove any profile folders remaining on your computer. The following is from Mozilla's site explaining how to find these folders...
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    Microsoft and Claria?

    Well said, dvk01. :up:
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    awesome site

    Cool stuff. :up: Might have to try some of the video tweaks on my Radeon at home!
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    Microsoft and Claria?

    I can't say that I'll trash MS AntiSpyware. As long as it gives me the option to change "Ignore" to "Remove", it still suits me. I've found things with MS' product that others have missed (and vice-versa), so I'm sure unless things drastically change it will remain in my arsenal.
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    best virus scan, or downloadable ones..

    Agreed 100% (though this isn't to say Avast isn't as good... I haven't used it myself)
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    question on opening homepage

    Info found using Google (I knew I recognized that IP address, now I know why)... Chances are this is just Firefox breezing through your HOSTS file... nothing to worry about.
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    Solved: So Many Ads!!!!!!

    Download and install Spybot Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware SE Personal (both found in my sig), and Microsoft's Anti-Spyware (found on Once you have downloaded each of these programs, run their respective updates and run a full scan. Once you've deleted everything they find...