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    Firefox 33 does not display specified fonts

    Older versions of Firefox are ok. 29 & 30 are working. I have checked. @TonyB25, you need not download unless you want to. As for website, it is not exactly one, it is an application page that I am talking about. If you're serious about solving the problem, I can paste the code here...
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    Firefox 33 does not display specified fonts

    Nope. Doesn't work. pdfjs.disabled has been turned true. Same problem - only numbers in stead of barcode. IE shows alright still. Thanks for your help though.
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    Firefox 33 does not display specified fonts

    Dear all, The problem is with firefox 33. The previous version 29 didn't show this problem. I need to show a barcode in a page. I have the necessary font which correctly displays the barcode when installed. Presently IE and Firefox 29 display it properly. No sooner had I upgraded to Firefox...
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    How to print odd sheets in Firefox by default?or the first page by default?

    Dear all, In Firefox for Linux, if we go to Print... option --> Page Setup --->Layout, there is an Option called "Only Print". By default it is set to "All Sheets". How can the DEFAULT be set to "Odd Sheets"? Instead of doing this, you may, also kindly point out if there is a way to...
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    Server Configuration

    Hi, We are planning to set up a server for our Hospital, which will connect to 8-10 computers. Could you please tell me: 1) Does the Server need more RAM than all the clients put together? 2) Could you please suggest a moderate server configuration for the above purpose? Thanking you...
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    Creating animation in C using multiple data files

    Is the same thing possible in Python or any other language?
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    Creating animation in C using multiple data files

    I want to run an astrophysical simulation in C. All I have to do it to generate a set of 'plots' depending on a varying parameter and then stitch them up. 1) Is it possible to automatically generate different data files( say in the orders of 1000) with different names depending on a parameter...
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    Here are some snaps from our visit to Gomukh in the last year.Hope you'll like it!
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    Linux Mint HDD Help?

    Installation of Linux Mint is perhaps the easiest one!! You can either choose a CD or use a software like Unetbootin(for Linux) to put the iso file on a USB drive and install the OS further from it.No matter what you make CD/DVD or USB you have to boot with it and follow the onscreen...
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    Shell script to send mail

    I am trying to use the "mail" command to perform the task. I use the following code : #!/bin/bash # script to send simple email # email subject SUBJECT="SET-EMAIL-SUBJECT" # Email To ? EMAIL="[email protected]" # Email text/message EMAILMESSAGE="/tmp/emailmessage.txt" echo "This is...
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    "Couldn't resolve host" Yum not working in Fedora

    I have been using Fedora 16 for a month. For a couple of days 'yum' is not working and showing error "couldn't resolve host" in every ocassion ! Here's the terminal output of 'yum repolist' : [[email protected] sayan]# yum repolist Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit...
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    Shotwell cannot upload photos

    ...and can you name anyother s/w for Fedora for uploading photos to Facebook,Picasa Webalbum etc?
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    Shotwell cannot upload photos

    How to do that?I can't find anything like MAX_FILE_SIZE in about:config of Firefox!! :(
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    Shotwell cannot upload photos

    Dear all, I've recently switched over to Fedora from Windows 7 Starter.Everything has so far been very nice...! But I have a problem with Shotwell.It's not uploading photos to any of the webservices mentioned.I have attached the screenshot. PS: I use Proxy of my institute to connect to...