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  • i have few videos recorded through camtasia and it was stored in a pendrive.Recently this pendrive was affected virus and the videos became hidden.I retrived the videos back and now its unable to play.The format of the videos are changed now.I am copying the video format for your reference,

    Almost 2 years I am trying to rectify the issue.I hope you can help me.

    O no, I just read you got damage from sandy, is this true? you all did not get hurt did you?
    dang blasted, I thought your bd was today, I will get it right next year I promise :D
    happy late birthday....... again:eek:

    a birthday hug and a kiss on the cheek ;)
    Was wondering if you are still actively supporting the virus and malware removal forum. I have a post there that hasn't been addressed yet and I know you were very helpful with a past problem/post that I had.
    hey sweetie, sorry for the late happy holidays to you and yours. I hope you all are doing well. Is it snowing in NY, you are still in NY yes? It is 65* here today :) nice hearing from you.
    That's great news Nicole, I thought you must have been without power at least, glad you weren't flooded out.
    I bet Lena was scared during the storm too.
    hey sweetheart, I hope you and yours are well, ty for the hb. I just love your crazy hair lol. Talk to ya soon

    your #1 fan :)
    Hi I posted a question on Friday on malware forum. I have done some updates since then and still have issues. Do I close my other post and open a new one. I don't want to do something wrong. I hope I am sending this to the right person
    hey buddy, hope you and yours are well. Sorry I missed your happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!!

    good day sweet heart
    Aw thanks for the friend request : ) Absolutely no hesitation on accepting! Have a great evening!!!!
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