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  • i have few videos recorded through camtasia and it was stored in a pendrive.Recently this pendrive was affected virus and the videos became hidden.I retrived the videos back and now its unable to play.The format of the videos are changed now.I am copying the video format for your reference,

    Almost 2 years I am trying to rectify the issue.I hope you can help me.

    Hello Chrisb
    I'm not too sure how old this post is or if you decided on a product. I just joined this group to assist member in my multi-media group. I am an expert and power user building shows and have been doing so for quite a few years...for business and pleasure.

    Three products you can consider are Photodex Proshow line of products.
    Cyperlink's [email protected] and Memories on TV. My personal product of choice is Proshow Producer.

    Used in conjuction with my AVS membership (for their line of products for audia and video) I can accomplish practically anything.
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