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Aug 11, 2015
    1. ChuckE
      You are not bothering me, it's just that I find "friending" superfluous. If you have a question for the group, post it. If you have a question specifically for one person, then send it just like you have been. I'm not trying to be rude, and I'm sorry if that is what you might be thinking, but that is not my intent. I just don't use the "Friends" feature, that's all.
    2. Zero-Cool
      And, sorry for bothering you.

    3. ChuckE
      I don't believe it to be something that the individual controls, at least as far as I know. I believe once a member has a certain number of postings that the status changes.
    4. roadr
      no not kidding it says distingushed member under your name on your profile
    5. ChuckE
      "distinguished" ? That I am better looking. :)
    6. roadr
      what does distinguished member mean?
    7. Kimoeagle
      Hi --
      My previous printer was an HP6122, a duplex printer. It still works, but once I changed one of my Pcs to a Vista64 OS, the printer no longer would function with a laptop running XP. I went through a l-o-ng discussion with Project Leaders, etc.,with the bottom line "never the twain (Vista & XP) shall meet.
      ANYway, I purchased a network ready HP6988, and Hp sent me a 'duplexer box' to do the duplex chortes. It is an HP5712A. I have it working as a duplexer after a fashion, but it did not come with a uSER'S Guide. Further discussion with HP Project Leaders confirmed that they have no resource to send me one... no source, no PDF files, nothing. Do you, --- or anyone have a 5712A duplexer that I might ask questions to?
      I would appreciate help from anyone! Thanks!
    8. dannyonosx
      hello. i have just been reading a thread which you participated in, regarding JPEG file properties in the (properties>summary>advanced>comments) on windows XP, and i am desperate to read the Comments data in many different applications... i was wondering whether there is any way to concvert all the comments into EXIF or similar.

      Thanks in advance
      feel free to email me back directly
      [email protected]

      Brand new user, just to get your help
      kind regards
      Liverpool, UK
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