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  • Hi I hope you would be able to help me urgently.
    I have DELL dimension 8400. The language on it is Norwegian. I want to change to English Win XP but at the boot sequence the CR-rom is marked (NOT PRESENT) even though the CD is attached amd working alright in the old windows. Because the CD is not present the machine can't boot from the cd-rom. I tried to install the new win XP from the old one that is norwegian but it stops after loading the files and it's about to start the installation. MESSAGE--to prevent damage to my PC. Using a new harddisk is not helping because the PC can't start from the CR-rom
    The question is how do I make my CD-rom to be present so that I can either use a new harddisk or format the old one. Thanks.
    hey buddy, watched Brave Heart with Mel Gibson the other night. My but those Scotmen back then were nasty.
    been working trying to install a perl program on my site. You ever work with perl?
    Thanks a lot ! I was getting ready to re-load windows to fix the prbole. This was MUCH easier !!! Thanx once again.
    I probably would. It may be possible to fix the problem, but it's not certain and it could take a lot of posting back and forth. It's not even certain that RegCure caused it, in spite of what the "hindsight" people say. Don't knock yourself out over these comments. Everyone's done it at some time or another. I presume RegCure doesn't make any backups that can be restored, does it?
    You will want to get your data off the drive first. This would include Documents, Music, Photos, and e-mail you want to keep, any installation files for programs that are on the drive, and anything else you can think of. Send me a note like this if you need assistance with this. They data should be burned to a CD/DVD or transferred to a USB stick, or a separate partition or drive. If you go this route be careful when you do the re-install. You want to install over the original installation (it will see it) and on the C: drive.
    Would appreciate your honest opinion since you have so many posts...would you just reload original software to remove RegCure problem? Thank you! From juli04
    What you're saying is possible indeed. But he could also have one of those third party programs you were talking about. They do offer some tweaks. Anyway, he never answered back. I'm letting it go all the same.
    Claymore - The system says I cannot PM yet, but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your answer to the volume appearing off screen issue. That's been a problem on this machine since I got it! I wasn't able to listen to my music, or stream NPR! It may sound silly because it's such a simple thing, but you made my life better. Thank you very much for the help - I now know how to move a window without depending on the mouse.
    I posted a thread about 30 minutes ago and so far no one as replied....This is my first time posting, did I do something incorrectly? It seems all the posts prior to and after mine have gotten considerable views and replys. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again, Claymore. What on earth makes someone spend this much time helping goofs like me? Makes me want to learn as much as I can so that I can help someone else...anyway, thanks again.
    dear claymore

    i need your help. I am using windows xp pro. when i attached a Usb hard disk to the laptop. And when i click its drive icon to open it shows the window with " open with--- choose the program you want to open this file" it does not show the folder in the option. When i right the drive icon it shows every option in right order ie open, autoplay, explore and search. But only auto play works to enter into the drives root. pl solve this problem . thanks
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