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    ram/megabyte loss on harddrive

    please help i have lost one byte somewhere on my systems icon there are only 31 bytes reported there should be 32 i installed mcaffees nutsnbolts from a cd rom i think it is on the computers memory before windows programme starts how do i delete it from the computer as a result my computer runs...
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    programmes not found

    thankyou 4 all replies im afraid my problem remains unsolved ihave downloaded sysmj.exe. files but cant access them the same message appears programme not found windows cannot find sysmj.exe. this programme is needed 4opening files of type EXE FILE it then asks 4 location of file i have been 2...
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    programmes not found

    on my computer after start up i get the message could not load or run cmmpu.exe. specified in the WIN.INI file. make sure the file exists on computer or remove reference in WIN.INI file i have searched all files and folders cannot locate file as a result i cannot access desktop icons a message...