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Jun 28, 2009
Jul 8, 2005
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from Wisconsin

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Jun 28, 2009
    1. CrazyComputerMan
      Hi Carol. Havent see you around. Hope you're ok :)
    2. katonca
      Hi Carol :)

      Wanted to stop by and say hi. Hope all is well wirh you.
    3. katonca
      Thanks Carol :)

      It should be interesting. I'm going to celebrate my birthday and do a non-destructive recovery of my system. I think I'll celebrate first, just encase the recovery doesn't go well. Don't want to ruin my day. Hopefully everything will be good come Friday.......see ya
    4. grandma77
      thank you carol. I appreciate the prayers more than you know. Also thank you for wanting to be my friend. Please pray for us youngest daughter has had some struggles and she finally had a decent man in her life and he was killed in a motorcycle accident this past Thursday night.
    5. poochee
      I just discovered it today. Hi friend!:D
    6. Californiagal
      Hi may I add you please?
    7. Spandexer
      Hi Carol,
      Wow. I didn't know you could do this kind of stuff on TSG. I still have a lot to learn about how forums work and such. Thanks for the invite. It is and honor and my pleasure to be included among your friends. ;)
    8. wordsmith
      Carol: Thanks for worrying about us; we had a lot of rain and wind. The worst of the weather was south west of us.
    9. clsxmas
      Mark: I like it too but am still getting used to it. I do enjoy these undemanding word games and the good company on the TSG threads.
    10. mecury_2001
      Hi Carol.......I consider it an honor to be your friend :)

      by the way i like this new interface at TSG...what you think?

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