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    Monitor Issue

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    Monitor Issue

    Okay, some stuff that I forgot to mention because I'm just that tired today. The monitor is connected to the HDMI out on the video card through a DVI -> HDMI adapter. I experienced the same behavior before yesterday's upgrade when the monitor was connected to the DVI out on the video with the...
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    Monitor Issue

    typically leave my PC on 24/7 but yesterday I did some upgrades to the video hardware which required a PSU upgrade from 400-450W (depending on which number you believe on the label) to 850W. Since the new PSU is using almost twice the power at peak, I'm becoming concerned about how much that's...
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    I wish the midnight Lucky would stop screwing with my computer.

    That sounds like a benefit. Can you do that to mine?
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    Solved: End of the world in 2012, true or false?

    I watched one of these shows on the History Channel at the behest of my wife. It was filled with "some people say ...", :"others say ..." ad nauseum. If the world ends on 12/21/12 then fine. The world ends. If some natural disaster is going to wipe us out on that date, there's nothing we can...
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    Solved: Serial Question: Is it legal?

    Call Microsoft. They'll send you another CD with validation of your license. I did this years ago with Windows 98 (?) for a client who had a valid license but not the media. MS charged me (and I passed the charge on to my client) maybe $30 to replace the cd after I faxed in copy of the license.
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    Solved: xp- 7 instalation- dead end !

    May be a stupid question but is the disk full?
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    Solved: Display Resolution

    changing the font size to 120% works. thanks for the suggestion.
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    Solved: Display Resolution

    I have a Dell XPS M1530 with Vista Home Premium. I bumped the display resolution down from 1440 x 900 to 1280 x 800 because being able to read the screen is somewhat important to me. Every time I boot up, though, I get a message in the notification area that my "display image quality can be...
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    Oddly Enough

    Backup tapes are typically stored offsite. There are companies that maintain data storage and business recovery facilities. The data should not have been decrypted but that's not the fault of the offsite storage vendor.
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    Oddly Enough

    I work for a retailer and we're working on changing requirements for data security from the payment card industry (PCI) (i.e. visa, mastercard, etc). A couple of weeks ago, after this company has spent a small fortune in time and resources to secure this data, I get an email forwarded to me by...
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    A new way to get to the top of Mt. Everest

    That does look like fun .... WOW!
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    In the interest of full disclosure....

    No, thank you.
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    Picture of the day..

    You'd flip too if you had that tight belt around your nether regions. For all the insanity that PETA has been responsible for, I'm amazed that they haven't spoken out against this kind of brazen act of cruelty.
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    In the interest of full disclosure....

    Why is it, exactly, that when a man makes a statement like that he is immediately and forever after required to wear the scarlet letters of chauvinism and sexism but when a woman does, it's dismissed so easily? Behold the double standard.