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    SATA HDD not being detected

    yeah type in reset this pc in windows search bar, get started, reset everything or keep certain files, and than choose windows cloud.
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    SATA HDD not being detected

    yo if its a brand new hdd you have to format it in settings, but also it could simply be the seta cable is short I would try the first option and if you have already formatted it try reformatting it after wiping it. Hope I can help.
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    Bottlenecking in Forza 4

    Hi I just recently have upgraded my cpu and gpu im still currently on ddr3 but I have a 1060 gaming x gpu and an fx8350 cpu. My cpu stays at a good temp. but for some odd reason my cpu skyrockets to 100 percent when im playing games such as forza 4 or cod warzone. I have 8gb ddr3 ram (Ripjaws)...