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    Inactive Iomega Backup Software Identified As Malware

    Iomega Automatic Backup software, a very handy tool, which have used over a decade was identiifed by Malwarebytes as malware this morning. See screenshots below/attached which 4 of the 8 malware detections at 7:33am ET today Mon 12/06/2021 are clearly identified as Iomega and the other 4 may be...
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    Recommend Standalone Anti Keylogging & Anti Screenshot SW?

    Looking for recommendations for standalone anti keylogging and anti screenshot software (free or nominal cost prefer) that you currently or recently used, as consider loggers and capturers the greatest security threats beside ransomware. Since I already have other antivirus and anti malware...
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    Supply Chain Shortages, Delay Windows 7 End of Life?

    Do you think any software manufacturers will delay ending support for their software using Windows 7 SP1, given the pandemic supply chain and chip shortage situation? Knowing need to upgrade, but read online news horror stories of Dell PCs and laptops, other manufacturers too, customers ordered...
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    Firefox update removed bookmarks

    Good reason to keep a backup of your bookmarks, either USB drive or cloud. For Firefox, also for Chrome, a free browser extension add in called Eversync. Been using for years and it has helped me restore bookmarks quickly within minutes.
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    SpyShelter Protection Issue

    As in The Apprentice TV show airing here in the States USA a few years ago, I fired SpyShelter software (uninstalled) as could not troubleshoot it. I found an alternative solution. Sent from my Android
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    SpyShelter Protection Issue

    I did this. The Keystroke Protection item is still disabled in SpyShelter and the toggle switch does not allow enabled. As an additional test while I had Malwarebytes disabled, I downloaded SpyShelter's security test which runs outside a browser. I also temporarily disabled KeyScrambler...
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    Malwarebytes vs. SpyShelter (premium versions)

    Knowing Malwarebytes has come a long way in the last years in detecting, preventing, and removing keyloggers whether by keystroke or screen capture. But how does Malwarebytes compare to SpyShelter as far as features and effectiveness, detection, and removal, for their paid/premium versions...
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    SpyShelter Protection Issue

    My bad if my last comments confusing. SpyShelter's Keystrokes Protection item is still disabled and the toggle switch does not allow enabling it. If the software is otherwise working, then it has a broken toggle switch. What have found since last post, have installed lightweight KeyScrambler...
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    SpyShelter Protection Issue

    To see if it made any difference, just shortly ago today uninstalled (clearing rules also) and reinstalled SpyShelter again fresh from their website*after* doing additional Windows Updates yesterday. Same original issue exists. Ran MiniToolBox again after what done in previous paragraph and...
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    SpyShelter Protection Issue

    Here you go. Note SpyShelter errors at bottom of log. MiniToolBox by Farbar Version: 17-06-2016 Ran by Self Admin (administrator) on 28-10-2021 at 10:50:40 Running from "C:\Downloads" Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 (X86) Model: Latitude E5530 non-vPro Manufacturer: Dell Inc...
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    SpyShelter Protection Issue

    blues_harp28 - I ran the scan you suggested **** Microsoft(R) Windows DOS (C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1990-2001. C:\USERS\SELFAD~1>cd\ C:\>sfc /scannow Beginning system scan. This process will take some time. Beginning verification phase of system scan. Verification 100% complete. Windows...
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    SpyShelter Protection Issue

    If there is a conflict between the layers of security, it is something that changed within one of the softwares recently that caused the issue, because as far as could see before all worked in harmony together. I would like to try your suggestion about temporarily disabling Malwarebytes, but...
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    SpyShelter Protection Issue

    Need reply from someone who's a knowledgeable user of the SpyShelter software which is for anti-kelogging and anti-screen capture. Today noticed the Keystrokes Protection item is disabled in the Protection tab of the most recent version of SpyShelter Premium 12.7 installed two weeks ago on my...
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    Firefox and Helpful Security Tools

    Had been a long term user of the Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite, but found in the last year, their product has not kept up with the latest version of Firefox product updates sometimes taking months for full compatibility (though now works fully with FF21, its not guaranteed to work with FF22...
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    MS Net Framework Security Update Failure

    Found the update, downloaded it, but still failed to install. Turned off/suspended temporarily my ThreatFire security software, tried again, and install went successfully. 1st time I ever have had to do this for an MS Windows Update, though in the past, have had to do for selected other...