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Apr 4, 2013
    1. cstrikehero777
      hey I just got back on this site after a while and was looking through my old posts.. you say that the old sidewinder joysticks work in WIN 7 now? I have force feedback 2 that Ive been using.. it worked when my other one would not.. but I might have to go find my other joystick. (if i didnt toss it.)
    2. DanTheMuffinMan
    3. Compiler
      Sorry. I don't deal with parts over the Internet. I don't give out my address or phone number, ever. Only if a person is local would I consider meeting them to sell or give away parts. My bringing it up was that many techie people have used parts with little or no resale value. Like a notebook dies, I remove the memory and HD - give notebook to a friend with similar in case he wants to take it apart. Another client had a notebook with little RAM, so I offered to sell it for $10. At time of delivery, I didn't charge at all for the memory.

      Eventually, I will even dump them at my local electronics recycle center.
    4. dhondo
      Please keep me in mind on any CPU's or Mobo's as per the forum.
      Thanks again for the help
      dhondo(Dave H) dhondo2000[email protected]
    5. BG-0
      Hey, thanks on the PSU tip. I'll be sure to keep that as the "very-low-end-option" (read: very-low-price-option) to recommend, bookmarked it.
    6. Zygmo
      Hey, Compiler. I would apprieciate it if you would go look at this persons problem. (and he would SURE apprieciate it!!) He lives in a remote place, and cannot get much help. I have tried everything I can think of. Some of the posts there I think are kinda off the wall, like about the SP1 stuff, but hey...I don't blame him for trying EVERYthing. I told him you could help him if anybody could. He is at Forums/Hardware/can't format external HDD. Member name is ppinny. Thanks.cant format external HDD - Page 2 - Tech Support Guy Forums#post6532870#post65
    7. Sanoka
      Ok, I think I am having a problem . I have everything installed, but, I think I need another serial ATA for the DVD RW....the one I got was a Sony, compatible with the one you recommended but the didn't have any of the other left so I took the sony...a little more expensive but not much. Anyway I am in the process of getting everything hooked up and realize that I need different cables. I have one ATA as I mentioned and the Mobo came with EIDE and a cable for floppy drive (which I am not installing) so what do I do. I know I will have to get another ATA - red cable, but do I need any others?? Other than that I should be ready to boot....hopefully.

      Thanks for all your help
    8. optiondoctor
      Hi. This is my first time on the forum, and I'm not sure where (or how) to ask my question. My hard drive failed, & I bought a new one. I need to partition the new HD, and Microsoft only tells me to "use the fdisk & Format tools." The problem, I can't find them. Used to be I would use a floppy setup disk that had both fdisk & format on it. The Sony I'm working on doesn't HAVE a floppy. I've tried to find a way to create a setup CD, but no luck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
      Pastor Tom
    9. Quiency
      Hello,im new i seen your posting and i would like to ask a question
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