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    MS Backup - How to Add it?

    Thank you... I will give it a try... but the PC I'm using didnt come with a WindowXP CD ROM (One of those stupid "ideas" from the manufacture to have a recovery file on the HD... which if it fails...) I'll borrow a compatible HOME CD version.
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    MS Backup - How to Add it?

    For quite a LONG time, I've looked for a program that can correctly backup data using a Firewire or USB device. Even GHOST (And old favorite) has issues, especially for some clients who are typical novices. Then one day (this was a long time ago) I found that the BACKUP built into WinXP Pro...
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    SPAM Filter

    I use a web account to access most of my mail. But some of my friends are having severe problems with SPAM MAIL. One of them even purchased Norton Internet Security 2005 package, which includes: Firewall (I like ZoneAlarm better) AntiVirus (I use AVG... better) Privacy control ? Spam...
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    Hotmail or Yahoo mail ?

    Yahoo is better. Why HOTMAIL sucks (And I used to have an account in the 90s with them). 1 - owned by Microsoft 2 - More graphical junk to load 3 - Requires a PASSPORT account (oh great, more of your INFO on the net)
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    Radeon9550 and win98

    Your issue does not sound like software, but defective hardware. If clean install still gives you errors (And you SHOULD install MOBO drivers first, before expanded hardware drivers). There is nothing special about the 9550, other than a low-end product.
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    My CPU rapidly changes CPU temperature from 47 to 70 degrees celcius!

    A badly designed case will do that as well... I just built a system with the Coolremaster Centerion... it is an almost silent case... and very high class. But its using a cooler running AMD64 CPU. But any cheap case or improper fans can cause you problems... I shake my head when I see...
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    Which is faster USB2 or firewire?

    USB2.0 is great and all... but when using external HDs, try to use Firewire. My External HD has both, thus allowing me to work with anyones computer... Besides, if you need more speed, there is always Firewall800...
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    My CPU rapidly changes CPU temperature from 47 to 70 degrees celcius!

    Sounds like the CPU cooler wasn't correctly installed... Temp ranges on CPU is usually not more than 10 degrees.
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    Radeon9550 and win98

    Yeah, ther certification thingy from MS is a complete joke... When you BUY new hardware and it comes with postcards and/or quick guides that that "IGNORE THE CERTIFICATION WARNING!".
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    best video card under $100

    The Ti4200 is DX9 compatible, as is the GF1,2, etc... It is not able to display DX9 graphic effects.... but THAT doesn't matter with the 5200 which doesn't have the horse power to PLAY DX9 at its full abilities. A Good DX8 card playing at 70fps is FAR better than a low-end DX9 card that...
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    best video card under $100

    Yes... its easily a faster card than the MX420.... but I wouldn't call it $90 better. The 3+ year old GeForce4 Ti4200 is still about 3 times faster than the 5200 (with 128bit memory). Also, if your overall system is not up to par, it might not make much difference (ie: If you have a 128mb...
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    9800 Pro

    That's odd... you say your Antec is better than most cheap 500watters, then say a 550w should handle anything. It still applies... a cheap PSU is cheap, no matter what the wattage. You can buy a "600watter" for $25. But to me, those things aren't worth $5. I paid about $80 for my 360watt...
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    geforce 3 vs geforce 4

    That Dell should have an AGP slot... but the 250watt PSU is a bit on the weak end (stanard Dell) - replacement is tricky and expensive... requires a DELL PSU. Question is.... Does Tiger Woods play okay on your system? Recommended Video card with those power requirements: ATI 9600Pro...
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    8x agp geforce2 mx440 128mb query

    I know exactly what I am talking bout. I used to own the original GF2mx... its was fine for its day. It too used to cost about $175... about 4 years ago. If you want the game to LOOK like a modern video game... it requires a modern video card. HL2 is a DX9 game... you're comparing DX7...
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    Outlook problems - error 0x800CCC7D

    Update: I have downloaded and installed the Firefox and Thunderbird Browser & email package... I'm FINALLY impressed with Mozilla... And I like Thunderbird much more over OE. Anyways, the same issue happens. I don't have that error code since its not an OUTLOOK program... but its the...