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  • Hey again, I just wanted to drop you a line again to say thanks. The time to spent helping me is invaluable and has made my life a lot easier. Thanks again.
    I have a form base on a query and I have 2 combo box that I want the second one be base on first one, my first combo box has 5 column that I need column (3) for the second combo box , in the query for second combo box I have the criteria Form!my form!combo1.column(3) and for the the first combo box on after update I have me.combo1.requery
    when I run I have problem with Form!my form!combo1.column(3) that is pop up and need value.could you please help me?>??
    Chris, we have finally managed to resolve it thanks. It was more my own misreading of the question than anything else. :mad:
    But thanks for the offer and a Happy Christmas and helathy & prosperous New Year to you. :D

    Chris, is there any chance that you can spend 5 minutes to give me some help on an Access Thread problem.
    I have tried to fix someones Access 2007 database in Access 2000. It is a simple problem of Opening a form from a another form using the same ID number.
    It works fine in Access 2000 but he says it doesn't work in Access 2007.
    Can you open the Databases and try it for me in Access 2007 please?

    Hi can you help me with my problem? I need to learn how to setup MS Office outlook 2007. for gmail
    I want to thank your for your help on this issue. I am running Outlook on Windows XP and did a google search of the issue. Your solution focused me in on the problem and solved it much more quickly than would have otherwise been possible. I ran scanpst.ext to clean up my pst files and then re-entered and saved email addresses for each contact whenever my sending would not work. Sometimes the email addresses look fine in the contacts folder, but they need to be re-entered and saved for some database somewhere to know they are there. Once I do that, everything is OK and life is good!
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