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    But What Can You Do?

    Most of the time I enjoy searching (and researching) and trying to find Google answers to my own questions and issues. In a nutshell, I frequently get a long way from what I was originally searching for. My final (or to this point anyway) search led me to do a cleaning/scanning on my AIO. When I...
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    Solved: Info/PC Cleaner Questions

    Thank you so much for the reply, Wayne. I guess since I'm inquiring, it would have been a good idea to state that I'm running Windows 8.1. The top of the website for TFC shows it is for earlier versions. CJ
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    Solved: Info/PC Cleaner Questions

    Without going on and on, I previously installed CCleaner on my All-In-One. Very briefly, I had a computer service monitory our devices, but now they are not. They uninstalled my CCleaner and I was going to re-install it. However, I just read in a post that although it worked well, it could be...
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    Question About ActiveX

    Thank you for your awesome site! I can't pretend to even know about most computer related issues, especially when it comes to security. So, I'm glad there are people out there looking out for us. I have a question about the re-post of the info below: 3) Go to Internet...