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    plz help with a few problems - i guess hardware related

    Can you please check your device manager if there is a yellow exclamation mark beside the Sound, video controllers. If there is you might have to download the driver for it. Please download everest home edition to find out what motherboard you have and wew ill go from there.
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    Upgrading RAM?

    As per this,,prod_id--7627521.html, your motherboard can support up to 2Gb of RAM. It should be good.
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    Overheating Somewhere?

    Any bulging capacitors on your motherboard? Check if you see any rust stains or powdery rust on any of your capacitors. I just tossed out a motherboard with the same freeze up problems just like yours and it got leaky caps. Unfortunately it was also a Gigabyte.
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    Installing RAM

    Just make sure the slots line up and clips lock the ram down. Also, carefull about static electricity.
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    Maybe you dislodged your soundcard too. Try reseating it and see what happens.
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    Unknown Computer Problem - Urgent Help

    what kind, beside ati, is your video card?
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    **** Internet Connection Fails*****

    Dial-up or High speed?
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    Motherboard Issue...

    To find out your motherboard, download everest home edition, it is free. If it is voltage problem you are having then upgrade your power supply to at least 400 watts. If you want to upgrade your motherboard check out newegg. You don't have to have an SDRAM slots if you are going to upgrade your...
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    MSI MS-6511 KM133 Socket A Motherboard

    Try this link: I hope this helps you. Apparently your board is made for Packard Bell and MSI won't support it and alot of people who bought it off an auction are as frustrated as you. But it would...
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    MSI MS-6511 KM133 Socket A Motherboard

    Where did you buy this motherboard? I am trying to get at least a link.
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    Looking for a good PC for Upgrading and such

    Sometimes interest becomes addiction, lol. A 800 mhz comp will run linux (mandrake, xandros are 2 that I have played around with that worked) and Win2000. But what does the machine have with it for that price, like memory, hard drive? What kind of motherboard does it have? If it is a brand name...
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    need help please (motherboard)

    Please post your old motherboard. And use commas (,) and periods (.) next time you post.
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    Looking for a good PC for Upgrading and such

    Welcome to TSG. First of all, since you said "upgradeable computer", building your own comes to mind. Depending on your budget, building your own is alot better than buying pre-built system. Check out your neighborhood computer shop or sites like newegg and figure out what you really want...
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    Conexant ACF External V.92 Data/Fax Modem help

    In the Control Panel>Device Manager uninstall the old modem. I would suggest to uninstall the new one too for fresh install after reboot. Good Luck.
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    Problem with XP Professional SP1

    Try the "repair" option when you have the cd in the cd-rom. Good Luck.