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  • yes, my hope for me my christmas present would be no more diapers in 2013... so far thats a no go.. but we did our first poopin the big boy potty.. and he got a new hot wheels for that :)
    well mine is 2.5 years... and i had gotten rid of everything before 12 months... so i now have 12-36 stuff... i brought in his shoes that didnt fit... lol there were 24 pairs :) for a year and half... my child has BEYOND too much crapolla... the hot wheels and the trucks and the blocks..he has 4 toy boxes... people ask what to get him for xmas and i tell him savings bonds & books... he needs nothing. :) my sister just called .. he got a basketball hoop... blah blah blah... 3.5 sets of grandparents... we dont have to buy him anything for xmas :) we just let them do it :)
    yo... it wouldnt allow me to message you back.. all is well.. busy at work.. busy at home.. and a 2 year old to go along with it... its a jungle in my life :) hows you??? :)
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