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    Solved: network & outlook express

    Are these two separate email accounts or is he trying to use one account on both machines? If they are two separate accounts they need to be configured individually on each machine.
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    My computer doesn't start properly.

    Just a shot in the dark but it sounds like your machine is trying to boot from the cd rom. If you know how, go to the bios and set the boot order to floppy first (if you have one) then to the hard drive second.
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    HP Recovery Partition?

    Im not sure, but I think it's legal to do as long as you use your own license to install. I guarantee you will have issues with drivers and will probably have to download alot of them. That is if it installs correctly at all. HP and Compaq bundle alot of their drivers in with the OS package you...
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    Run exe as admin?

    Right click on the exe file in Start > Programs if the program is there. Go to the properties > security tab. Add the permissions for the user that you want. You may have to go to advanced > effective permissions and do it there once you are in the security tab.
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    Remote Desktop with windows xp.

    Can you lock the computer when you leave? "Window key + L" Then it will not log off, it will just be locked. Although I don't understand why you have to have someone log onto it to let you log onto it remotely.
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    Windows Explorer shut down.HELP PLEASE

    What OS are you running? This may be your problem. If explorer crashes everytime you right click, you are probably seeing the incompatibility between the current version of divx and SP2. This is being reported by multiple people. Divx is a video compression technology that many people have...
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    Internet Problems....

    Is the machine set to use DHCP? If your ISP uses DHCP to give out IP adresses plug the modem into her machine and at a DOS prompt type ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew See if you get an ip. ipconfig /all
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    At the risk of voiding your warranty, you could remove the hard drive and attach it to another computer. They sell these adapters that can convert the smaller IDE to a normal IDE and you can try to pull off the data, then put it back in the Thinkpad and reload the OS. Then move the info you want...
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    set up default

    Open Windows media player and go to Tools, Options. On the file types tab select all the file types that you want WMP to be the default player for.
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    PC running slow on network

    You could check the network properties of your server to make sure the only network protocol installed is TCP/IP. (Unless you use IPX/SPX for some reason, there is no need for it to be installed.) I have seen this slow down a connection before. Also, are there any services running on the server...
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    Adding programs to windows startup?

    The easiest way is to drag the exe file to the startup folder. Its at start\program files\startup.
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    cant boot from CD to reinstall

    Bob is right. I read that uninstalling SP2 worked for some people. But if it doesn't work, you will have to do a whole bunch of things to slipstream a disk with the XP files and the new SP2 files. Sounded kind of complicated.