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    on firefox startup, contacts grc?

    So when I start up firefox and then I run 'cmd' and do a netstat -no I almost always see connections to, In the example below, it's and in others its Then there is a connection to which turns out to be wikimedia And all these others random...
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    Connections to port 139

    I am currently in my own private network at home, but I did just return from the school network. Now that you mention it, I think it might be from a program I use to connect to my network files located on the school network. My school uses AFS (Andrew File System) for students to store their...
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    Connections to port 139

    Was looking at Event Viewer and there's a warning about TCP/IP: That's not too unnormal, but I had just turned on my computer and had no programs running. I did a netstat -no and got this back: Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID...
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    New laptop hard drive

    I just bought a new laptop hard drive to replace my old one. I'm also going to start new and reinstall the OS. My question is, do I have to first initialize the drive before I even put it into my laptop?
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    file menu in wrong position

    When accessing the file menus at the top of a program (File, Edit, Tools... Help) the submenu that pops up isn't positioned correctly underneath the file menu; instead of being positioned underneath and to the right, it is underneath and to the left. I have attached a picture of the issue. No...
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    Solved: Start up options

    I think you can change the settings for that by going to Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > 'Startup and Recovery' Settings button > Edit which will open up the list of startup items to change. Try deleting the line that contains XP Home or putting timeout equal to 0 so it doesn't make...
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    Program to refresh until successful?

    Hi, I'm trying to access a site where the server is slow/being hammered by requests and I'm looking for a program or a script that will keep trying to access a site every x seconds until it is successful. Do any of you know of such a program or web script that can do this? In essence, I'm...
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    chdsk bad sectors - convincing company to replace hd

    I recently did a chkdsk and it showed that my disk has bad clusters/bad sectors. My laptop is still under warranty so I called up the company but it doesn't sound like they'll replace the hd for me. They keep saying that it's nothing and that having bad sectors is ok as long as its not bad...