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    1. silverdi
      Hi cwwozniak,silverdi here.I took your advice and bought a 'scart adapter 3phono+s-vhs in/out' from Amazon for £1:53p and connected it to the tv scart adapter and my rca cable-result perfect.Thanks again for the trouble you went to'.
    2. bunbarian
      Hi my friend. Thankyou for your earlier advice. I had to muninstall Google Chrome and after reinstalling it I found te same problem and followed your advice but to no mavail. Got any more great suggestions for this dummy please?

      Phil T
    3. dragnet
      Hi Chuck
      'cntl' 'alt' 'enter' does nothing either. I get a message 'keyboard failure' then the computer boots up as normal
    4. dragnet
      Hi Chuck,
      Dragnet here. I am not totally familiar with this website so I don't know if U got my message yesterday. You asked me what happens if I tap F1 during startup. The answer is nothing. The computer boots up as normal. I still can't get access to the BIOS. I note you are running XP Home, can you access your BIOS? if yes, how?
    5. DawnG
      update: my memory is there 256 ram ... don't know why i can't install the virus protect. requesting assist from mcafee. i am becoming more learned than i intended...but it's cool. thanks again for your kind assistance! :)
    6. DawnG
      Hi Chuck!

      UHM...I actually tried to google this answer before writing you and didn't get much help ... I tired a different approach to the question and have a complete diagram of what to look for and how to install. I'm going to open my son's laptop and see what I see!

    7. DawnG
      Hi Chuck!

      Thank you so much for all your help! I ordered the inverter and am crossing my fingers. My experience has led me to this: I have another older laptop I purchased second hand for my son 18 months ago..after a few months the screen faded and I took it to a repair shop. They said the LCD was shot & it would cost more to fix it than it's worth. I asked if I could use aux monitor but they said no. Today I plugged it in and it works fine on aux. I tried to install new virus software and got the warning: "insufficient memory to run this software" My C: info says 15 free GB.

      I ran a test on Mcafee with virtual technician and it reported I have insuffcient memory and ram. Is it possible the repair shop removed it?

      I have another laptop I purchased at the same time for my daughter -- can I use the memory/ram from it in my son's laptop? If yes, how? Both Dell Latitude 120Ls.
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