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  • Hey. I hope I didn't screw up anything by trying to figure HJT logs while you were trying to help me. Will you still take a minute to reply to my last post? Thanks.
    I posted a help request a couple of days ago: Trojan.2nd-thought_com/TrojanDownloader.xs

    While waiting on assistance it seems as though the problem is getting worse. The frequency of the numerous popups has increased. Although I disabled IE in hopes that that specific problem would cease until this is resolved, the virus keeps enabling it and yesterday it opened over 50 windows in IE at once (I was browsing my bookmarks at the time.) Since that has happened I am now getting not only the bogus security warning website but now it is opening porn and credit card websites in IE while I am using Firefox. It seems to be phishing for my personal data in hopes that I will give it to them in exchange for their "fix". I would be most grateful if you could check into this for me and perhaps assist me in restoring peace and normalcy. Thank you.
    You really helped me last time and I need your help again with my desktop..I just made a post today. I have these bugs crawling on my screen as like a screen saver...its crazy.
    Hey buddy, I wanted to say TY for looking at my thread and explaining what to do, I went ahead and put the logs on, Wanted to say Ty.
    sorry it took so long to get back to ya the kid of mine, got himself a nasty bug that won't go away.....
    could you give me a hand in gettin rid of it...
    i did what i know but was not enough...

    thanks in advance for any help you can give!!!
    We are having SOO many problems that we ended up restoring the system to a month ago. I am going to have a professional come in and fix this silly thing! What do you think?
    Thanks for your help. I am a dummy at this! I REALLY appreciate it! Now I have another problem- Windows Defender! Any suggestions?
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