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    JOptionPane InputDialog throws exception on cancel

    In this case, you create a ? String menuChoose = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Do you want to start a NEW GAME, LOAD or tweak some SETTINGS?"); But here you act like it should be a string. if (menuChoose.equalsIgnoreCase("NEW GAME") Not sure of the syntax, but I think you need to be checking...
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    Session Sharing problem in .net application hosted in two differnt server

    Ya, this is gonna happen. If no session exists on the server, and a request is made, a session is created before your code runs. If you write in C#, a new session with no values will not pass a null check. if(Session == null) If you are writing in VB, you have to check for a item in...
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    Eclipse and Perforce

    All I can say as I've seen the same in school and we never figured it out. I do .net now. I tend to think it's a compiler setting, but just a guess.. Might want to look for something to do the compile for you besides eclipse, or a plugin, or something. gl,
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    Runtime DLL Imports C#

    Hey All, I was wrestling with a problem and found some code on the net to help me, but I think it should be improved before I use it for anything productive. The code is to remove the icon from a window when using WPF, but really, that is not the issue. The issue is that is uses the...
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    Odd button display

    By The Way... The copy/paste removed some  's from the code. The whitespace does appear correctly in the source.
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    Odd button display

    Hi All, I ran into a problem today that I've never seen, or seem to be able to address via google, or the guys around the office. I'm doing a public site for a local healthcare facility that needs to be very cross browser supportive. Today, I got a screenshot from the mareting company that...
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    Cannot Connect to Localhost or

    Sql Server and other programs are also known to hog port 80. Myself and most of my coding friends simply switch to different port for their php server. This way, windows can be comfortable using 80 the way it wants without hosing you up . The port can be added as an extension to ip address on...
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    Site forums

    In order to offer assistance, a little more information would be useful. For instance, are you running on Linux or Windows? What server language are you writing the site in? Will you want to be able to customize the forum system to match your current layout? Do you run a MySql, Sql Server, or...
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    Solved: Weird VB.Net problem

    This has been an interesting topic in a weird way. I'm not sure about the memory issue. Efficiency would say that the additional memory is not required and pointers will work. But I think I would have to pass it as a ByRef parameter to a method that loads the second array to be sure in VB...
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    Solved: Weird VB.Net problem

    Hey all, I was playing around with the notion of Arrays of Arrays and threw together an algorithm to create and test an idea. I can accomplish my goals easy enough with a multidimensional array, but I was hoping someone might point out why it doesn't work 'as is'. Shared Sub ArrayTest2() Dim...
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    I need info help setting up a website and attaching a blog

    There are plenty of solutions to help with something like this. If you can elaborate a bit about your site, perhaps a more specific suggestion can be made. What language(s) are you creating the site in? Do you have a database available? If so, what type? Where are you hosted? You might find they...
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    Assembing files from bit array

    Hi all, I have a little project going for a non-profit and need some help. I have a form that has two file upload controls. The files they target for upload are placed on an SQL server as bit arrays and need to be offered to the admin for download retrieval. I have everything working (I...
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    Drawing Entity Relation Diagram

    I think you might be over complicating things. It seems to me, however the money is being moved, you are preforming a transaction. All of the relationships would fall under that regardless of the transaction type. The transaction table would hold the key values to pull the actual data from...
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    Solved: Force load of web page vs. load from cache?

    A better fix might be to drop a cookie. If no cookie is found, or it is older that 24 hours, perform an automatic refresh and drop a new cookie. Otherwise, continue normally.
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    Reading a file without spaces into a 2d array

    I'm not a C++ guy, but I've noticed some possible issues with your for loops that might cause these problems. As far as I know, a for loop should always contain a few elements, even if it's nested: for (evaluation) {code to execute if loop termination has not been reached }<--Something to...