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    My dilema: Tyring to load WIN 98 on Laptop with swapable drives

    forgot to mention, a friend at work gave me a burned copy of WIN 98 SE, he thinks its a bootable version, but problem is that all the files are in separate folders, so it does not seem to work and I tried to see if I could just copy the files and burn them, but that looks like it would take...
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    My dilema: Tyring to load WIN 98 on Laptop with swapable drives

    Got a Dell P233 Latitude laptop with sapable drives: Problem: I have win98 but it is not a cd bootable verison, it has a floppy to boot of off. How am I going to boot it up? I hear there is a cable, I took it in to the loca shop, they said no way to do that with this model. There is a USB, so...
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    Help with installing a external Floppy

    is that I want to use the USB because I want to install WIN98 that I have, but its not a full version and wont boot from the CD, and I have swapable drives. All other attempts to load the drivers for the CD have failed. I have a WIN 2K that will boot from the CD, but I thought maybe WIN98 might...
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    Help with installing a external Floppy

    I went into the bios but did not see anything regarding the USB....but this does have a USB port on the back of it...
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    Help with installing a external Floppy

    Hi... I have a Dell Latitude Laptop P-233. It does not have a OS on it yet and I want to hook up a external Floppy drive to the USB port so I can load my WIN-98 which only boots from the floppy due to its not a full version. Question: because it does not have an OS on it yet, will it pick up...
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    How do you uninstall Win 2K Pro? Help!!

    Hi..this is what I have -Dell P-200 Laptop with Win 2K proffesional I want to format the Hard drive and reload a different operating system, but can't seem to get to the C:\ to format. Could someone please give me the steps to do this? Thanks alot....
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    Using Win-XP, how do I make a custom cursor?

    Hi everyone....I have Win-xp and have seen others who have made custom cursors, like from a picture etc... My question is simply, what are the steps to do this and can it be done with any picture, jpg etc....? thanks...
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    Another Ram question, does it matter which DIM slot

    If you have for example a 128 ram and a 64 ram chip which one goes in DIM1 or DIM 2 slot? does it mater or make a difference?
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    What is the difference in PC100 and PC133 ram?

    I have a friend with a compaq I think like a P-500 I was fixing it for him because he had a blank screen when he installed some ram I noticed some of the ram chips were PC100 and a couple were pc300, and a couple I could not tell I put 128/100 with a 64/100 and it works fine. But one of the...
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    How do you copy an entire Hard drive to another hard drive

    I have a friend who has a Pentium 900, and has a 40 gig hard drive that is almost full and he just bought a 60 gig hard drive. He wants to know how or if you can copy everything you have on the 40 to the 60. He is running windows ME, is this something that can be done and if so what are the...
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    Which would be the more stable OS?

    Im building a new system, a AMD 1ghz, 256 ram....I have win-98 2nd edition and a copy of Win 2000 Professional, and was wondering which would be more stable to put on this system... thanks, Dan
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    Hard Drive not detected on new computer

    It is a western digital, the only jumper settings it shows are master/slave/cs
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    Hard Drive not detected on new computer

    Hi, Im building a new computer. I have a bare bones AMD 1GHZ 256ram, 24x cd rom, and am using a 4gig hard drive. Everything seemed to go together alright, CD rom and floppy works but when I turn it on and it auto detects it says... Auto detecting Primary Master: Not Detected...
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    How do you attache the ribbon cable when installing a CD ROM?

    Do you have an option in the bios to set it to cdrom rather than auto. No, I did not find one... Make sure the jumper is on master ...I checked it, it is on master Do you see the drive power light blink on startup : No I did not see it come on, I rebooted twice and still no power light...
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    How do you attache the ribbon cable when installing a CD ROM?

    I did like you said, now it says not reading drive e: