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    is furemark safe?

    Hi i just got a new gcard the zotac gtx 470 and my friend told me to use furemark as it tests your pc GPU is this a safe thing to do, and would you recommend it. Thank you.
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    where can i find a temperature GPU reader

    Hi i have a GTX 470 and i was wondering where i can find a temperature GPU monitor a safe one and one that will work with my graphics card. some thing like the rev counter you can get for windows 7 and vista. thank you.
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    Will this graphics card fit this system?

    Hey im looking for a new graphics card, but im unsure on which to get and how to find out if it even fits, i've had my eye on this graphics card for a while (...
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    what's is my watts and how do you understand watts?

    Hi i have a ipower backard bell pc for gaming and i am going to be getting a zotac GTX 470, i have a sort of plug for the speaker to take the power from the pc as well. I have been told i have a 750 watts from pc world. How did he work this out, here are the specs. FSP GROUP INC model number...
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    My sound will stop working. And not come back unless I restart the computer

    hello here my problem My sound will stops working all of sudden And will not come back unless I restart the computer, ive check my sound settings when it stops and nothing seems wrong the computer, it doesent even notice no error messages for it. I tried new speakers nothing changed. I...