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  • daniel_b2380:

    This is just for a laugh. A few years ago when my kids were bringing home their XP and Vista computers from college, they could not connect with my DSL setup at home unless I dragged up the modem drivers installation disk from the basement and put it on their computers. As a test, I hooked up my 1998 Compaq with Windows 98 to the same DSL connection, and instant internet (with no installation disk!). And by the way, this particular computer had a factory-fresh 98 SE install. Nothing else.

    Are you still on the WWW?

    I have no requests; just quick personal opinions and compliments. I hate Windows 7. It took me 10 minutes just to figure out how to "select all" from a file folder. My '98 computer is still working fine. My XP computers are still lightning fast. Anyway, your previous advice has been very productive for me. Keep up the good work!
    To daniel_b2380:

    Are you still available at this site? I have not seen many of your fine responses lately. If you still exist here, I would enjoy hearing your judgements regarding false positive malware scan programs of video players and installer programs.

    Mr. Noatak
    Part two.
    I am still running the same PC with XPpro and it now
    has developed one or two stupid problems which some
    times cause the browser to fail, taking the OS with it.
    I have no idea how to deal with it,
    i would like to do a re-install, but i dont know if i
    can, as this is a clandestine version. If it gets much
    worse i will have to bite the bullet and attempt a
    I would probably make such an attempt using another
    hard drive, as i dont know if i would be successful at
    re-installing a clandestine version of XP-pro.
    Sorry this reply has been so long in coming,
    i never noticed the red alert until today.
    You take care of yourself too and have a good year.
    John :)
    Hi Daniel,
    I dont normally take any notice of that friends list.
    Yes i had a very happy christmas thank you
    and i'm glad you did too.
    Ive just noticed the date on this is from 2008
    so its a year older than i thought.
    Yes i was going to get that auto engine to run,
    but it turned out to be much more damaged in the
    bores than i thought it was going to be.
    After freeing the pistons and having a look at the
    state of it, i had the scrap dealer take the auto
    away. Except for the damaged engine, which i am
    curious as to whether or not it is too damaged to run.
    So i might see if i can bench-run it.
    End of part one
    daniel_b2380,hey stranger. Happy Belated New Year.My WinXP system is running really slow. My brother in law from europe (he works for International Telecommucations ?? for the UN) guided me through some steps to take and to understand about deleting unnecessary downloads. All is fine but how can I get a faster working setup while still being on dial-up? I know, I know. But what the hey, it woiks for me for now. Hope all is well and always...Peace, Harmony and Happiness to you.Virginia
    Hi Daniel,

    Wow! you are a wealth of information. Thank You!

    Thank You! Thank You!

    Challenging myself with both computers and....a move. It's just around the corner but aaah! I didn't realize I had that many plants. : )

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Have a wonderful week.

    HI Daniel many thanks for trying. It has been solved by Reg Cure. As suggested I uninstalled my Printers and Faxes and this got rid of the nuisance, Will
    Hi Daniel, I have Windows XP insalled on my comp. I have gone through every recovery effort. Even used System Restore and still it remains there. The HP package has been on my comp ever since I bought the comp. My Scanner in fact everything works except that DocumentViewer with it being there prevents me from closing down in the normal way, In fact I have been thinking of deleting the whole lot and obtaining a new copy of XP
    Had it up and runnning two nights ago but when I got up yesterday I buggered everything up trying to figure out what to do. I've been sending Noyb screen shots of everything but so far, nothing seems to make it work. I'd welcome any input from you on the issues I'm having.

    You can contact me thru normal email at (Blah Blah Blah - you've got it Daniel) if you like. Gotta give Noyb a nudge and let him know I'm up and about. 9.30am here in Sunny Queensland(pouring rain at the moment).

    I think he is just as sick of it as I am but determined to finish the job.
    I'll take all the help I can get. Regards Ken
    Hi Daniel. Its amazing just how many people arent aware that more than 61,000 young Australians served in South Vietnam(See Australian Vietnam Veterans). You can Google it if you like. You will even find my name on the nominal roll. I was ust a snotty nose young kid back then who went off to war on a big adventure and came a very angry young man. In the horrors for years. Still get flashs even today 40yrs down the track. Our VA doesnt look after us as well as the US VA. Nuff said about that anyway. Have a browse around in your spare time.

    Regarding Irfanred, Noyb and I have been exchanging private emails thru our normal email addresses now for about 3 days. Pretty nifty little program, but as you say, so long as it remains free. Trying to work out Scan 300 at the moment. Seems there might be two programs clashing.
    Thanks, Daniel. I did look at the classroom but it said I couldn't have any open MALWARE threads and take the class. Thanks for the links. I've tried Kaspersky a couple of times but it seems to stall on me after about 8 hours. I'll see what kind of results I get with the links you provided!
    OK, you. I see the msg is gone from my pg and is here instead. PLEASE explain it!!!!!!!
    Or I may report it.
    If it was a mistake, I'll understand.
    Thanks for your help... and I wouldn't worry 'bout the big-headed stuff, however arrogant or hateful??? (Geeeez... makes me think twice 'bout adding you to my 'friends list'... wadyathink?)
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