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    Need Help

    im planning to get a laptop for college. what are the best buys currently on the market?
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    Nba Live 2005

    hehe. i guess you guys are right. im going to give up and uninstall this game. maybe ill go out and try to get nba live 2004, but i have to look at system specs first. thanks for all your help
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    Nba Live 2005

    I installed the game and when i clicked on the shortcut on desktop my screen turns black but then it shows desktop again. the game does not run and i do not get an error message. i looked at the tech support by EA Sports and they said it might be a display error. so i went to nvidia and...
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    HP Keyboard

    thanks. it was a really nice try but i got a 3052 error when i tried to install it.
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    if the chord is long enough, there may be large metal pieces that will interfere with transfer rates. check the path that your cables travel. large metal pieces will have an effect on your rates.
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    HP Keyboard

    if it helps there are two usb hubs on the keyboard
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    HP Keyboard

    i checked and there is no tab for it. yeah i realized there was one when i had me. apparently i need the software to modify these buttons. i went to the hp site but im still not sure which one is the right one.
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    HP Keyboard

    the model no is 5308. my hp is a hp9870. i cant use the recovery cds because theyre windows me and im running xp. i was able to use the turning knob until two days ago. i didnt make any modifications to my system and it is clean.
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    HP Keyboard

    Im not sure of the exact model number but I tried getting the driver off the HP website so that I can configure the multimedia keys but I cant. I suppose, to describe the product accurately, its a HP Internet keyboard with multimedia keys+turning knob to change volume. Can anyone link me to a...
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    Dvd Rw

    Im planning to get a dvd burner within the next month. Ive been looking at quite a few models: Plextor 716a, NEC ND3520A, LDW 411s, BenQ various models, Toshiba various models, TDK various models. If you guys have any suggestions please reply. Im looking for a dual layer/dual format dvd burner...
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    Battle of WINXP SPs

    ok in my opinion service pack 2 released by microsoft corp (c) is a piece of s**t. It consumes resources and might be impairing my download speeds. It adds a nice security feature that seems quite useless since my router has a built in firewall. Sp1 is what i would use. Im thinking of switching...
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    nba live 2005

    i am having trouble playing nba live 2005. i installed the game and placed a nocd crack into the folder. i run the game but the monitor only flashes once and goes back to desktop. i try clicking the virtual image but it says insert correct cdrom. i tried other cracks but they didnt work. what is...