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  • Even though words are worthless, I'm so sorry. :( I'm confident that you can beat this though--and as long as you know it too, it will be that way. Hope the doc gets back to you soon, and in the meantime, be sure to have a cheeseburger and lots of vitamin C and B (for energy). And probably iron supplements too, I like ferrous gluconate because it doesn't make me sick, which is probably important for you right now. Low iron makes you sleepy too. Obviously it's not that simple, but it can't hurt.

    Will be praying for you.
    Back to no appetite, tired, and increased shortness of breath. I had a PET scan last Friday and saw the Chemo Doc Tues. There was abnormal activity in the chest and he was going to talk to the Death Ray Doc and the Lung Gal and call me. No call yet. I was feeling relatively good mid May to July but then started losing weight again and feeling more crappy. I hit the Brit's goal of 165 and then declined to 146. Now at 149 and struggling.
    Josie stayed out of the closet for my birthday! Overall, it was a good day. I had a Flamethrower burger with onion rings and a large chocolate shake for lunch and then went down and spent time scritching kitties at the SPCA and then home for a nap with the twins.
    Just thought I'd wish you a very happy birthday--I'll leave the spankings up to the twins, hopefully they'll follow through. ;)
    What kind of cat litter do you use? I want something that doesn't smell like "cat", but prefer something environmentally friendly. She doesn't like Feline Pine, and won't use the box if it's in there. :( (n) :mad:
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