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    Buying Domain wit view to sell

    Transfers are bot free. Some companies make you pay for a years renewal as a transfer fee. Others, the fee is usually around the reg fee. Selling and transferring does take some knowledge. Your host should have an information base that explains how to transfer a domain. The name of the...
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    Tried everything, link color won't change with CSS

    Are you talking about the header_nav id? You don't really need the override as long as the header_nav id is the last one that the anchor is in. It will automatically override any earlier style. Can we have a look at that section of your html to see how it is laid out?
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    CSS Stretch left/right columns

    This is a 3 col layout that I use. Works perfectly. It shou;d give you an idea of the layout required to get all 3 columns to stretch. Sorry for postong rather than attaching. Having problems opening the attachment window. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN...
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    CSS Stretch left/right columns

    Not seeing your html layout, I am only guessing, but try this. Between the content div ( which should have all 3 columns inside of it ) and the footer div, add this: <div id="clearer"></div> Then in your stylesheet add this #clearer { clear: both; } If that doesn't work, let me...
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    using hover

    The easiest way of doing this in my opinion would be to use opacity. Try this: <img src="myimage.jpg" style="opacity:0.0;filter:alpha(opacity=00)" onmouseover=";this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" onmouseout=";this.filters.alpha.opacity=00" />...
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    New Massive Virus Getting Around.

    One of my computers has just been wiped clean by a virus. I recieved an email from a well known and respected friend warning of a virus that will get into your c drive at sector 0 and literally wipe your disc clean. The contents of the email was correct. In fact about 60 people in the...
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    Solved: Layout problem in firefox

    Hi JimmySeal Thanks for that. A damn typo. Should have been 180px. Have been staring at the code too long I guess. Needed fresh eyes. Many thanks again.
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    Solved: Layout problem in firefox

    Hi all. got a bit of a funny one here. I you have a look at Game Dump in Firefox, you will notice that all the links below the header and top nav do not wor until they are below the background image, about half way down the casino box. All is working fine in IE, and the navigation...
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    Image appearance

    Just tried a few of the links in IE7 and FF3. Don't seem to have a problem here.
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    Scavenger Hunt (#2)

    Hi idar. Looks like you had 'em on that one. Hope this is what you were after. Ok. You old aussie farts (like me :p) will know this one. One of my all time favourite bands seen live. How about a shot of the cover of their second album. Who else but Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band...
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    To alter a web site...

    Usually the owner can create a new username and password that they can then specify what areas of their account you can access. Once you have completed your tasks they can then delete the u/name and p/w given and all will be kosha.
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    Solved: more transparent background help, pretty please??

    Have thrown this on my test server and is working ok. For some reason, the text <div></div> will not work unless the width is specified (not sure why). Make sure that is included. <html> <head> <title></title> <style type="text/css"> body{ padding:0; margin:0; font:76%...
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    Solved: more transparent background help, pretty please??

    Could you post the code for the page and we can see what we can do for you.
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    Solved: more transparent background help, pretty please??

    I think that Nick is correct. The best way around it that I can see is to create another <div></div> within the cell. This way, you can set the background in the first cell and alter the text in the second cell.
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    Solved: Update database using mysql_query

    Thanks guys. Got it sorted. Been out of internet range the past couple of weeks. Thanks again for the help