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    Solved: Laptop hdd to desktop OS question

    Welcome to TSG, Fas. I'm sorry, but it doesn't work that way. The two devices have different hardware, software, and drivers. You cannot simply remove your laptop drive and plug it into your desktop. If Windows came preinstalled on your desktop and laptop, these are OEM versions of windows...
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    Convert .MOD files ??

    It's been a while since I had to use Audacity. From what I remember, you need to install a plugin for it to be able to read or write in MP3 format.
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    My whole desktop will not fit on screen.

    That happens to me, I can't tell if it's the same or not with you, but my TV had an option for "Overscan". Even though it was set to off, I had to set it on (which moved everything further off screen), then off again, and everything is perfect. I have to do this every time I enable my TV as a...
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    Internet and Excel split screen

    -Open your internet browser and then your Excel or Word Doc -Right click an empty space on your task bar -If you are using Win7 choose show windows stacked, or show windows side by side (depending on how you want the windows to fill the screen). Or with WinXP it's Tile Windows Horizontally or...
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    Problems with sound card/driver

    Looking at Gigabyte's website, there are 2 versions of that board. Each has different drivers, Rev.4.1 and Rev.5. Rev.5 uses the Via driver. Click here for the XP driver link from their site. Otherwise Rev 4.1 uses Realtek. The link for the Realtek driver is located here. The Version number...
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    Problems with sound card/driver

    When you got the new motherboard, did you install the drivers from the motherboard cd? What's the make and model of the motherboard?
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    Sound system working with WindowsXP but not with Windows 8

    If you haven't contacted the manufacturer to see if they have any updated Win8 drivers, that should be your first step. If you need help, please reply with the make and model of your sound system.
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    Odd DVD drive problem

    I gotta agree with Guru about the region codes. It's possible that the other discs you used to test with were region free. With the current prices in DVD drives, it's not even worth troubleshooting the drive. You might try microsoft's fixit for DVD drives...
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    Solved: Dell Vostro Win 7 64 bit Desktop FUBAR

    Right click an icon, Properties, Click the Shortcut tab, then hit change icon. Reselect the icon pic that you want, then click ok and apply. Otherwise you can recreate the shortcuts manually, By clicking start (windows orb), browse to the program you want, right click, copy. On the Desktop...
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    DVD drive replacement

    Is your computer a Dell Dimension 2350? Presuming that both the MB info in post 3, and the pic located HERE are both correct, then you need an IDE drive. But if you are planning on replacing the drive, then you should follow Metallica5456's advice and look at the cables. It will be good...
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    Solved: Disappearing Desktop Icons

    RIght Click the Desktop > View > Make sure "Show Desktop Icons" is checked.
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    Solved: Dell Inspiron One 2305 and SD card reader

    Well according to the specs (pulled them from Amazon, Dells site kept suggesting other systems since this one is no longer available.
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    Solved: SMITE crashes on startup Windows XP

    We will need the error codes and or messages in order to assist you with your issue.
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    lost pc help and tools

    You will need to reinstall the sound drivers. The drivers for your computer can be found at HP's website. You will need to select the operating system then it will give you a list of drivers available for...
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    Having almost identical issue as mentioned in "Solved: Could not load file or assembl

    Welcome to TSG, DimensionJump. AMD's directions for dealing with the error message can be found here at AMD's Website. Basicly it suggests to update your .Net Framework software, and the AMD Catalyst software. The webpage above provides the links needed for both.