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  • if you had the google desktop search program installed, it indexes contents on your computer, email messages, web pages, files, and stuff like that, then when you do a google search, your own content appears in the search, but the important part is, it only appears TO YOU. in other words, if you went to someone elses pc and google searched for you emails you would not find them. but googling from your own computer WILL show them since they were on that computer. they were still secure, not everyone could see your emails in their searches, but you could see them in your searches, because you had the google desktop search client installed. its supposed to be making it easy to find your old emails and things like that. but it doesn't "publish" them for all to see, if thats what you were thinking.. ( sorry it took so long to respond, I had been in the hospital)
    you mentioned to me Google Desktop Seach Program as a possible reason why the contents of my computer, and most importantly my personal e-mails, are appearing in my regular Google searches. i just uninstalled the program. is that what Google Desktop does? im surprised that my private Hotmail e-mails from months ago were appearing, but they were! i thought one's e-mailes were secure. do you think thats what the problem was?
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