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    Motherboard Will Not POST

    I have an ASUS Socket 775 P5NSLI MB and a Pentium E6400 processor. I believe everything is installed properly but when I try to boot it up it will not POST. The MB LED is on and the case and pcu fans start up but no beeps or display. Someone suggested this might be a BIOS problem but i cannot...
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    Network Down

    Thank you for your reply. I've been working on it all morning and finally figured out that it was the Norton firewall that was blocking it for some reason. Problem is fixed.
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    Network Down

    Ive got an office with two networked computers. One is XP the other is Vista. The connection was working fine thursday but on friday I had lost my connection and I cant get it to work. Both computers can access the internet and ping each other by I.P. but not name. The only change from thursday...
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    Slow networking in Vista

    I have two computers running Windows Vista in my office. They are networked and regular file sharing works fine between the two of them. The problem I'm having is with a program I run called Qxpress. The data base is shared on the main computer and the client computer connects to it through the...
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    Vista Networking

    I have an office with two computers networked. Both are running Vista and I am able to share files without any problem. The trouble I'm having is that I am running two different programs that share a database on the main computer. When I try to open the database from the client computer I am...
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    Chipset Fan

    I have a Soyo SY KT600 Dragon Plus V 1.0 Motherboard. The fan on the motherboard chip is making a bad noise. I have been looking around trying to find a fan to replace it but I cant seem to find one anywhere. It is a 1.5" 12v fan with a connector on it just like a cpu fan. Does anyone know where...
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    Font size in AOL 9.0

    I am trying to figure out how to how to fix a problem my mother is having with her computer. Some web pages have an extremely large font size (about 2" tall) while other pages are normal. She is using windows xp and AOL 9.0. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Setting up a VPN

    Does anyone know where I can find some information on setting up a virtual private network ? I own a small business and would like to be able to connect to my office network from my laptop at home. I know networking basics, but I've never tried this before and it would really help if I was able...
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    usb problem

    If you know how, go into the system BIOS and check to see if there is a setting to enable or disable the usb ports. If so, make sure it is set correctly.
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    Dial-up Problems

    I've been having problems with my dial-up connection lately. Once I connect I usually can't stay online for more than a minute, it keeps disconnecting. The phone line seems to be okay, I've switched it with another and have the same problem. What other things should I look for ? If I remember...
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    Systemax Restore

    I have a systemax computer running windows 98 that I am working on for someone else. I am trying to restore it to the original factory configuration. I have the restore cd that came with it but I cannot get it to boot from the cd. (yes, I've changed the boot sequence in the bios setup) There is...
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    Power Problems

    My computer has been shutting down without any warning. Sometimes it happens while it is booting up, sometimes it happens after it has been running for awhile. I thought it was the power supply but I have tried 2 other new ones and the same thing happens. I thought it might be an OS problem so I...
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    computer problems

    I had the same trouble with a compaq pc. It would boot to the compaq screen and just hang there. It took forever to figure it out but it ended up being a bad cd/rw drive. I figured this out by disconnecting everything from the motherboard except the video card, ram, and power supply and...
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    Loud Whirring!! sound

    You may need to install another psu if cleaning it doesnt work. Im not sure a generic one from the store would fit in the case though. HP might use proprietary psu's that only fit in their which means you would have to order through them.
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    Tiger computer

    Okay...first of all thanks to etaf and cnimbus for trying to help. The partition that the restore imge was on was labeled dise_backup so I looked that up. It turns out it is an image that was made by the program Drive Image. I managed to find the dise directory on the C:\ drive and tried to run...