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    Desk top loading question

    Where did you download these gadgets from?
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    blue screen

    Without more info about what that blue screen says we don't have much to go off of to help you. But typically Blue Screens of Death occur due to either a faulty piece of hardware or corrupt data on the hard drive (specifically data that pertains to the operating system itself or drivers it...
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    Laptop Power Supply

    I would just buy a new adapter from Amazon. They only cost $10-$15 on average. Adapters can and do fail and if the DC socket doesn't seem loose then the adapter is likely your problem and it's likely only been a coincidence that moving the laptop to a different outlet "solved" the problem.
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    Help with a graphics card!

    Do a search for "AGP low profile" on Amazon. Several cards came up for me. Edit: Sorry, ignore what I posted. I'm looking at a manual for this PC and the card seems like a one-of-a-kind. I don't think you'll have much luck finding a replacement. I would probably start by pulling the bad...
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    Sound plays but won't play music.

    In the lower right corner, on the task bar by the clock, there should be a little icon that looks like a speaker. Single-clicking on it will reveal a master volume fader. Double-clicking on it should bring up an advanced mixer with several faders for different audio types/sources, such as...
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    SD Card data recovery

    A friend of mine gave me a 32GB SD card that came out of a digital camera. They were hoping to use the photos that were on it to make some christmas cards this year. She said she was trying to upload photos from the card, that it was acting very slow and gave up. Pulled the card from the PC...
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    Solved: Keep hearing the "device disconnected" sound every couple of minutes

    I have to say with honesty I am VERY surprised how snappy Windows 8 runs on this laptop (though I did disable all the visual effects/transitions and clear type).
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    Solved: Keep hearing the "device disconnected" sound every couple of minutes

    There is a smart card reader but nothing is in it and the "safe disconnect" icon at the bottom I would use for flash drives only lists the "Broadcom 802.11 Multiband Network Adapter" as a device that can be safely removed. Negative; nothing plugged in except the power supply. This was a clean...
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    Solved: Keep hearing the "device disconnected" sound every couple of minutes

    I just installed Windows 8 on an older Compaq laptop (a 6715b). I keep hearing the bun-bun-bump downward sound you normally hear when you do something like unplug a USB device or something like that. Except it's happening over and over for no very apparent reason; no pop-up bubbles or messages...
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    File corruption on an encrypted hard drive (GuardianEdge)

    A client of mine has had a problem where his system corrupted some file the OS is dependant upon which causes the system to crash mid-boot with a BSOD about a corrupt file. I'm wanting to use a recovery console or perhaps ntfsfix in Linux to kick off chkdsk and try to correct the problem...
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    Shopping for a powerline-based wireless bridge; need two different hot spots

    I've been asked by a church to help establish 2 wifi hotspots in different areas that are all surrounded by thick brick walls (it is an old but large church). What I'm leaning towards is using a powerline ethernet adapter... or rather, 2 pairs of them. I was wondering if anyone else has done...
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    ASUS laptop has faulty on-board RAM. What can I do?

    So someone I know had me look at a laptop of theirs, an ASUS X54C laptop, which has 2 GB of non-removable RAM built into the motherboard. I used memtest86+ to check it and it immediately came back with all sorts of errors. From the outside (minus the cover for access to the HD and RAM slots)...
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    D-Link DWA-125 produced "USB Device Not Recognized" in XP

    I have an old Compaq PC that's running Windows XP SP3 and for quite some time has not had problems with networking or using this wireless adapter. But not long ago the network interface disappeared and the adapter was now being shown in the Device Manager as an unknown device. If you pulled...
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    Importing DBX files from OE into Live Mail only gets last 2 days worth of emails

    Someone I'm doing some work for has got a new computer and are needing their stuff to be transferred over from the old XP machine to the Windows 7 machine. Files weren't a problem, but something weird is happening with his email. He had multiple inboxes setup so their were multiple identity...
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    Pulled an HD from a Mac Mini (1.5 Intel). No Users folder?

    Bump. Also, I am wondering if I should consider the possibility that this Mac actually contracted a virus that deleted the Users folder. It would be a first for me. I am therefore also wondering if there are any utilities available that can be used to find deleted files on a Mac filesystem...