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    Windows Media Player-Radio Tuner

    Don't know if I am in the right area, but: When I try to pull up Windows Media Player-Radio Tuner I get the following: Line 1 Char 1 Error: Object doesn't support this property or method URL: res://umploc.dll/offline_RadioTuner.htm What is this? I checked, and I am not working offline...
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    Hooking up more than 1 comp. to internet

    I have a computer in the home on ME and my husband has one in his garage, upstairs, on XP. The garage is approx. 85 feet away, upstairs. We purchased a 2wire homeportal and wireless through SBC. They did not work. We purchased a Siemens modem and a Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router. Hooked...
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    New to networking

    Talked to another tech last night and they said a phone adapter would work. I think we are going to try that route for now. Anyone know a good one to get?
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    New to networking

    Understood from our DSL tech center that the boosters would not help much in this situation.
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    New to networking

    My husband & I just got DSL, or at least I am on DSL. His computer is in the garage, upstairs where his "playroom" is and is approx. 85 ft. from the house. We were sold a wireless adapter for his computer. The problem is there is too much interference, too many walls to go through. Any...
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    Before I begin - I am completely ignorant when it comes to computers and the internet. We recently got DSL, and were told we needed to leave on our modem for a period of time to maximize computer speed. What does that mean? At night I put my computer in sleep mode and do not turn off. Is...
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    Transferring favorites from Dial-up to DSL

    I am going from Dial-up to DSL and would like to know how to transfer the favorites I am using to DSL. Is there a way? I am using Windows ME and my husband uses XP.